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  1. utes, including prep time. How long do Russian Lips last? At Urban You, we use the Juvederm Family of Fillers Depending on the product, your Hyalouronic Acid lip filler will typically last 6-12 months, with touch ups needed every 3-9 months
  2. The Russian lip technique is designed to boost volume near the center of the lips, creating a heart shape akin to a Russian Doll and accentuate the cupid's bow. By focusing on the balance of the lips, a natural, luscious look is achieved without exaggerating the border of the lips
  3. Russian Lips Technique. On this page, you can find some information about the Russian Lips injectable treatment. If you are still unsure or want to learn more about what a Russian Lips treatment can do for you and how it works, please contact us to book a free consultation where we can go over all the details with you to create a personalized treatment procedure for your Russian Lip goals
  4. With this technique your injector will use a smaller syringe in order to have more control over the exact placement of filler and, as a result, more control over how the lip is shaped. What you don't want happening with the Russian lip technique is to have filler spreading to unwanted areas of the lip. You want the majority of the volume to.
  5. For lip flips, it would only last about 1-2 months. lip flip before and after. Lip Flip Before and After. 6 units of Botox (Female, lips) Lip Fillers. We use lip fillers to give you plumper, fuller lips. Lip fillers are a common injectable procedure that can enhance your natural beauty and give you confidence
  6. The Russian Lip filler technique shapes the lips into a subtle heart shape with more volume near the center, much like a Russian doll. The Difference Unlike traditional lip filler, an injector using the Russian Lip technique injects the product vertically starting at the base of the lip and drawing the product outward toward the lip border

To help achieve this 1ml of Hyaluronic Acid based non-permanent filler was used, typically this can last 6-9 months. After using a strong, specifically compounded doctor prescribed topical anaesthetic cream, a number of lip filler techniques were used: - Russian Technique, this is the use of vertical tenting along the border of the lips to help. The Russian Lip Technique is a technique originated from Russia 'Obviously'- The look resembles that of a Russian Doll .The Cupids bow is Sharp, Defined, a.. With Russian lips, the technique is more advanced, he said. It involves applying the treatment vertically from the base of the lip and moving it outwards towards the lip border. This requires a. Dr Rajani demonstrates the lip filler tenting technique with dermal filler. The Russian Lip Technique.The lip tenting or droplet technique is also know to so.. Russian Lip Techniques: The HA product is injected vertically at the base of the lip and the dermal filler is injected retrograde drawing the projecting the product outward toward the lip border. This allows the injector to inject the product from the inside out rather than from the lip border working inward - the results are completely.

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  1. Russian Lip Technique. The Russians are known to be one of the most beautiful nationalities in the world. You may have noticed how the Russian women portray supermodel like lips, without the dread 'duck pout'. Their clinics are at the forefront of cosmetic injectables, and our very own 'Look by Louise' nurses and practitioners have.
  2. ous and plump without the ducky appearance. It is beneficial since both the natural and glamorous looks can be achieved depending on the preference and not a lot of filler is needed to get amazing volu
  3. Russian Lip technique involves a threading technique and a droplet technique combination to increase the height of the lips and occasionally change/alter the shape of the lips. This technique is.
  4. istered vertically into the base of the lip, drawing out to the outer edge
  5. Lip Tenting, 4mm, 4 Entry, lip pop, and any of the others are not a solution. It's a bit like selling people different types of bricks and then watching them frustratedly trying to build a beautiful home with no plans. The secret is not in the technique - the secret is in your vision for the shape of the lips you want to create

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The Russian Lip technique is the latest in lip enhancement - from Russia with love! It produces a contemporary voluminous look by placing extra volume in the lip body without creating an unbalanced side profile. This technique everts the lip and creates an open, more full appearance beEMe Med Spa is one of the newest additions to the MedSpa family in Houston, Texas. This Montrose beauty scene is a space that enhances outer beauty as well as inner beauty. beEMe Med Spa is run by medical professionals who are passionate about sharing empowerment, confidence, and self-love Russian lip fillers are modeled after Russian nesting dolls and their uniquely coiffed lips that are painted to perfection. The Russian technique accentuates the cupid's bow to resemble a heart-shape by injecting additional volume and lift into the center of the lips, while the sides still remain relatively in line with the face

The Russian Lip Filler technique lifts, widens and opens the lip body. Enhance the beauty of your lips with dermal fillers using the THE RUSSIAN LIP FILLER TECHNIQUE, administered by our highly experienced Master Aesthetic Practitioner, who has been enhancing lips since 2009 and has performed 1000's of lip procedures

• Vixen/Russian/Doll Lips • Linear Lux- great for beginners • 'M' shaped lips • How to pull a bottom lip down • Perioral considerations • Philtrum and oral commissions enhancement • Disguising migration • Injection type and advanced techniques • Cleft lips and fille

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Russian Doll Technique: This technique gives maximum lift and a flatter appearance to the lips. Younger clientele with thinner lips, tend to prefer extra volume or to equalise the ratio of the top and bottom lip. Our mature patients prefer a natural, youthful look with attention paid to the border of the lips that fade with age. You do not need. Russian Lip Molding Webinar. Russian techniques are very new and is one of the most popular procedures. In this webinar, we would build. beautiful flat lips without duck effect. perfect and sharp Cupid bow. Theory aspect includes - lips anatomy, Russian technique, explanation and planning our job. Practice includes videos - drawing how to. Russian Lip technique involves a threadign technique and a droplet technique combination to increase the height of the lips and occasionally change/alter the shape of the lips. This technique is highly skilled and requires a very trained hand and anatomy knowledge as well as a proper choice of aproduct to avoid unevenness, lumps, bumps, etc

- Lip augmentation using the technique referred to as the Russian Lip Technique. This lip filler injection technique helps produce more pouty lips, accentuate the cupid's bow, while maintaining a natural shape. This is a very popular technique requested by many women in Los Angeles. - Treatment of smile lines and marionette lines The Russian lips technique is the new big thing in dermal filler lip treatments and is trending massively on Instagram and with top celebrities.. This treatment offers you the opportunity to have maximum lip lift for a superstar look which exudes glamour, leaving you with the perfect pout, worthy of any selfie The Russian Lip Technique takes approximately half an hour, including preparation time. Aftercare Lip fillers. Your lips are likely to be swollen after the treatment. Apply an ice pack to reduce the swelling. You shouldn't put on make up for the first 24 hours after the lip filler treatment Russian Lip Technique. Your mother or significant other has made an enormous investment into your general quality of life. When the time comes to recognize her this Mother's Day, consider how she may not do for herself all the things she may like. One of the best gift ideas to consider for Mother's Day, or any other day for that matter, is. Russian lips. Des lèvres pulpeuses sans chirurgie. Vous rêvez d'avoir des lèvres pulpeuses, en forme de coeur, avec une symétrie parfaite ? C'est désormais possible avec la technique dite Russian lips qui consiste à travailler sur les lèvres avec des microdoses d'AH sans toucher aux lignes externes de votre bouche

This technique is used primarily in cases where the doc/patient wants to define their lip shape. That's the pro of using this technique. The downsides is that overusing this technique can result in filler migration or a lip border that's too defined. I had this technique done Jun 2018 as I wanted to define my lip shape a little more The Russian Lip Filler technique method was designd by leading Russian Doctors to lift, plump, shape and define the lips to create amazing breath taking lips. The Russian Lip Filler technique method is suitable for everyone. The process invloves placing small amounts of dermal filler in fanning pattern, injected vertically and with the injector. Mit Hilfe von Hyaluronsäurefillern kann man die Lippen mit verschiedenen Techniken aufpolstern, Volumen zurück geben oder Konturen neu definieren. Die Lippen-Ränder allein können auch mit Fäden betont werden. Wie lange dauert eine Behandlung? Die Behandlung dauert je nach Technik und Umfang circa 30 - 45 Minuten Is the Russian Lip technique responsible for filler migration in lips? One hypothesis proposed to account for the rise in cases of filler migration comes from another well-known cosmetic doctor, Dr Steven Harris. He suggests that the Russian Lip technique, which involves injecting downwards into the vermillion border from above, might be a.

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Russian Lip Technique. Learn how to create the in-demand flat yet full look. This technique gives distinctive results, different to a typical 'overfilled & done' lip enhancement. The strategic injection technique widens, opens & lifts the lip body whilst maintaining a flat effect, avoiding unwanted & 'fake' projection · Lips (A wide range of new techniques added to your treatment list including the popular Russian lips, Persian pout, String application, Tenting, 3D Lips & more) This course is a follow on course and therefore just involves practical work, however hand outs and a lecture will also be provided on the day of attendance Russian lips are achieved by injecting small droplets of filler vertically into the lips. In the hands of a skilled injector, the technique widens, lifts, and opens the lip body without losing lip projection. Many dermal fillers are made with ingredients to help numb the treatment area, and anaesthesia is not necessary Russian Lip Filler Training. Students will learn the art of creating Russian doll like lips. The Russian Lip Lift is a distint lip filler technique that creates a Flat, Lifted , Heart shaped Lips without protruding outwards. Students will gain access to online study material once they are enrolled with BBAIM and must complete all theory before.

Advanced injection techniques Managing expectations Managing complications Aftercare. Practical: Client consultation & aftercare Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects Injection techniques Live models. A full day of training in Advanced Lip Fillers course including Russian Lip technique LOCATION & TIMING. Subject: Russian Lip Filler Masterclass Timing: 10:00 - up to 17:00 Price: Introductory Pricing £600 + VAT. Dates: Sunday 20th December 2020, 10th January and 17th January 2021 Location: Silver Street Aesthetics Academy, Upper Floors, 46 Silver Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2NE No. of students 4 maximu Dr. Kay Durairaj, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Pasadena, California, relies on the tenting technique when sharpening the Cupid's bow but also loves it for highlighting a philtrum—those two little lines that come down from the nose to the top lip—as it really accentuates, youthfully, the appearance of the upper lip. Lip tenting - a Russian style technique to plump and define the lips. This technique is ideal for the client who wants a pouty result rather than a natural plump. Clinics in Cannock, Birmingham and Nottingham. For bookings and enquiries - call or text us on 01543572777 / 07748336000. or Facebook inbox - KM AESTHETICS. Contact@kmaesthetics.co.uk RUSSIAN LIP . 30 min. 375 Australian dollars. $375. More Info. Lip enhancement . 30 min. 375 Australian dollars. $375. More Info. FREE Consultation. 30 min. More Info. Anti wrinkle 1 Area package . 30 min. 149 Australian dollars. $149. More Info. Anti-Wrinkle 2 Area Package. 30 min. 345 Australian dollars.

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The Russian Lip Filler technique is one of many approaches used to administer lip filler injections. Lip injections can range in permanency and are used to alter the size, volume and shape of your lips. The most common and widely used filler contains the substance hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is found naturally in the body, and so doesn't. 389,90 €. The Russian lip technique quantity. Add to cart. Description. In this tutorial, we will show you the popular Russian technique that is growing around the world. With this technique, you will be able to give your client full lips at once along with highlighted cupid's bow and lip borders, however avoiding a duck effect

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  1. The Russian doll technique works best on virgin lips, or lips that haven't had fillers done before. If you currently have filler, it's recommended your existing filler be dissolved two weeks prior to your appointment. The reason is, you must have no filler along the border of your lip for this new technique to be successful
  2. Achieve an array of looks with the following techniques: • Vermillion border • Lip Volume • Canula Techniques • Lip Tenting to create a fuller and taller lip • Nano-Droplet Technique to create volume in the centre of lips • Russian Lips - made up of Nano-Droplets and Tenting Technique to create fuller, natural lips • Russian.
  3. Lip enhancements have grown in popularity with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Roxy Jacenko admitting to lip injections in the past few years.. But there is a new lip augmentation beauty trend.
  4. glossylips_aesthetics (@glossylips_aesthetics) has created a short video on TikTok with music Sweet Melody. | Russian Lip Injecting Technique DM to book #russianlipstechnique #russianlips #lipfillersleicester #foryou #fillers #lipfillersuk #lips
  5. Specialties: We love keeping people looking as young as they feel! We offer anti-aging fillers and Botox along side the Fat Busting Ultrashape, the Skin Tightening Velashape, the nonsurgical power of Profound and the Skin Resurfacing CO2re Fractional Laser! Established in 2010. Business Owners Lisa and Michelle started Meesha Aesthetics because they were frustrated with the cookie cutter.
  6. ABOUT ASHLEY PHAM, HEAD QUEEN INJECTOR . Ashley Pham MSN, BSN, RN, is the CEO and Head Certified Advanced Lip Injector of beEMe Med Spa. Ashley is proudly experienced and certified in the popular lip filler method, the Russian Lip Technique, and professionally trained in the United Kingdom
  7. SCOTLAND 1ml Russian Lip Technique. 1 hr. 1 hour. 200 British pounds. £200

Additional information. Treatment Area. Cannula technique, Lip tenting technique, Russian lips, Droplet technique, Russian dolly lips, Key hole pout, Lip flip (including anti wrinkle injectables) Date. [SOLD OUT]Lip Masterclass - 22 May 2021 - 10:30 to 11:30 (802), [SOLD OUT]Lip Masterclass - 22 May 2021 - 12:00 to 13:00 (804), [SOLD. Nov 28, 2020 - Russian Lip Technique - Lip Augmentation, Lip Filler NY Lip Tenting Technique. The goal of the Lip Tenting technique is to control both shape and volume of the lip during the procedure, lifting the white roll to optimize the canine arc projection. The needle is inserted multiple times hitting the white roll, towards the centre of the lip. As the needle is withdrawn, the hyaluronic acid is injected. Lip enhancement into the vermilion border, or the red of the lip, is a commonly sought-after injection procedure. The injection technique may be done with a needle or cannula, depending on the aesthetic provider's experience and comfort level. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fi ller placement is within the submucosa just above the orbicularis oris muscle

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The Botox lip flip is a technique by which the muscle fibers around the mouth are made to relax. These muscles, called the orbicularis oris, relax when injected with Botox. The relaxation of these muscle fibers causes the lip to roll outward naturally, or flip, which gives the appearance of more lip volume without increasing the. Sivan's Mini Russian Lip 1 ml. Mini Russian Lip is a technique, formulated by Sivan, using a blend of two injectable fillers which focuses on giving shape and fullness to the lips. Concealable swelling/bruising possible. Touch up once a year. Full Lip. 1 ml. Full Lip uses Juvederm Ultra evenly distributed throughout the lips 23.2k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'russianliptechnique' hashta Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kao has developed revolutionary techniques to refresh and transform your face with minimal incisions. Dr. Kao's Ponytail Lift and Ponytail Facelift use innovative shaping and sculpting techniques on the face and neck giving you a refreshed and youthful look A lip lift is the way to enhance the shape of the mouth, creating a symmetrical bee-stung lip without any fillers or injections. A lip lift offers a lasting solution for thin or drooping lips, adding volume and highlighting the natural bow of the lip. The procedure is relatively simple, recovery is rapid, and the impact is impressive

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Simply put lip filler migration means that your lip fillers have moved or spread unintentionally. If your lip fillers have migrated, it will almost always be noticeable visually. This can be presented in many ways; from a puffy upper lip, a lack of a defined border between the lip edge and above and/or below the lip border Note - Russian lips are not included in this course due to the complex nature of the 'proper' technique that requires extra training. Once you sign up, we will create you an Enhance Me Academy Personalised E Learning account where you can access our highly regarded Advanced Lip Techniques & Lip Anatomy Training Lips. The lip lift is an incredibly elegant and subtle procedure. Most patients present to discuss this procedure after learning about it as a result of having been improperly filled. It is the perfect solution for many issues related to the upper lip. The Benefits. • Shortening of the lip length between nose and mouth

Flawless Russian Lip Technique. Video Tutorial Learn how we create our full flat Russian lip technique. 07496 234727. bookings@flawlesscosmetic.co.uk. HOME. ABOUT. TREATMENTS. TERMS & CONDITIONS. COOKIE & PRIVACY POLICY. BLOG. CONTACT > I am happy to be contacted by Flawless Cosmetic. Thanks for submitting Learn how we create our full flat Russian lip technique. Once purchased, you will be provided with a download link to the video. Flawless Russian Lip Technique. £100.00 Price. Add to Cart. Buy Now. 07496 234727. bookings@flawlesscosmetic.co.uk. HOME. ABOUT. TREATMENTS. TERMS & CONDITIONS. COOKIE & PRIVACY POLICY When approaching the lip and perioral area it is important to be aware that many non-surgical interventions may be used to treat this area. As the ageing process involves multiple tissues it is evident that there is no 'one filler' solution. We present our multi-product approach to treat this area. Figure 1. The authors' technique. 1

Our Signature Velvet Lips/Russian Lips - Advanced Injecting Technique tutorial demonstrates an advanced needle technique (it's 43mins long tutorial inc. Step by step graphic scheme and one demo model presented on M-shaped lips). It's perfect technique for all types of (natural) lips to achieve the best results Permanent Lip Makeup enhances the lips by adding soft, natural looking color and corrects imperfections and asymmetry by creating definition to the edge of the lips. At Cosmetic Solutions, we use several different permanent lip color techniques including permanent lipliner, full lip color, lip liner with blending, permanent lip tinting, and. Dr. Vartan Mardirossian is double board-certified in both Facial Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery and has authored many studies on pivotal topics within the realm of Facial Plastic Surgery. He is an Assistant Professor of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology at Florida Atlantic University and a consultant of.

Delegates will be taught industry leading techniques including the Russian Lips Technique, Micro Droplet Techniques as well as the O technique. During the last few years lip-fillers have become very popular and among Russian IT-girls you probably can't find anyone, who hasn't got their lips done. Lip tenting is a technique that we use. Master Lips Course Objective. Patient assessment and evaluation for master lip enhancements. Indications and contraindications for botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and solid filler smooth PDO thread therapy in the lower face. In depth instruction in the anatomy, neurophysiology, musculature and circulatory system of the oral and peri-oral areas Lip Masters is different to other courses. If you are a healthcare professional, already experienced in lip augmentation, this online lip filler training course will help you enhance your techniques, knowledge, safety and communication skills to help you thrive in Medical Aesthetics. This course is designed to attain real OUTCOMES for your. Dr. Simon Ourian talks injections, fillers, and micro droplets. When it comes to looking natural, one size does not fit all, and bigger lips —like Kylie big—isn't always better

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Katie is the best! I have had three previous lip fillers (not with her) over the last five years, and I can already tell hers will be nothing like my past. I am seriously obsessed with my lips! The entire experience was great and my results are amazing. Thank you Katie for making me look so good on the outside but feel so great on the inside Introduction: Lip augmentation procedures with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers have become increasingly popular worldwide because full lips are often considered beautiful and youthful. The goal of a lip augmentation procedure is to create smooth lips with adequate volume and a natural appearance. Various techniques for lip augmentation have been utilized and described The Russian Lip treatment involves placing tiny droplets of filler, injected vertically into the lip, compared to lines of filler underneath the border. This technique widens, lifts and opens the lip body without any compromise of projection Julie Horne, RN was born in Sweden. She began her career in cardiac surgery for children and adults, before she decided to pursue her passion in the field of aesthetics. After working in Oslo, Norway for 11 years, she moved to Cape Town, South Africa, in February 2020. Whilst in Oslo, Julie was based at one of Norway's most prestigious. The cleft side lip shortening will be lengthened in this technique by 1) the Mohler columellar back cut, 2) the curvilinear Rose-Thompson effect, and 3) the cutaneous back cut. The Mohler back cut is designed as an equilateral triangle (approximately 2mm on each side) on the columella and provides 1-2mm of lip and columellar lengthening

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Get in touch. NE Philadelphia Location: Einstein Center One, Suite 211-212 9880 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19115 Get Directions Phone: 215-677-868 A lip flip is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that can help people achieve a fuller upper lip. The procedure uses Botox injections into the upper lip to relax the muscles and flip the lip upward There may be some scarring associated with lip augmentation depending on the technique. Injection sites are discreet and hidden along the natural lip line and will fade and become less noticeable, if visible at all. The incision for the lip lift procedure is virtually invisible and lies in the shadow crease along the nostrils Beauty Religion—an exceptional medical spa in West Hollywood—is committed to providing the best lip injections and cosmetic dermatology services in Los Angeles!We proudly serve clients residing in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles. With our wide range of exceptional cosmetic dermatology services, Beauty Religion is devoted to helping you feel and look your best in a natural. The Russian / Baby Doll Lips course concentrates on the use of dermal fillers for the lips. The training allows students to develop various techniques for lip enhancement. A great emphasis is placed on mastering the current techniques for the various clinical situations. Delegates will be issued a certificate on completion of the course

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For those who desire a more natural version of Russian Dol Lips, lips look more natural and we achieve a beautiful lift of the cupic bow, like a blooming flowerIt is a combination of 3 different techniques and the result looks more natural. For this technique we use Stylage hyaluronic filler that gives a nice hydration as well The cosmetic lip augmentation treatments we offer at Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay can help you achieve the fuller, smoother, lips you want. Using a variety of dermal fillers and advanced injection techniques, Dr. Jeffrey A. Hunt and our team of expert injectors can create natural-looking lip fullness, balance, and contours The American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) is a multidisciplinary professional healthcare organization. Our mission is to teach the best non-surgical and non-invasive facial aesthetic injectable techniques to healthcare professionals worldwide. Medical practitioners, dentists, nurses, and doctors can all benefit from our aesthetics. Pathway into Aesthetics PLUS Practitioner & Facilities Standards for Non - Medics. 45 Lessons £2,000.00 Lip augmentation is a straightforward, quick, and highly rewarding procedure that can greatly enhance the lips and the harmony and appearance of the face overall. The top aesthetic destination of the south, Carolina Facial Plastics, is led by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh

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The Permanent Lip Blush technique adds a splash of color where it's vanished from the lips. The Permanent Lip Blush compliments your natural lip color. The idea is to restore color and keep the lip's edge or vermillion border soft. This will give the lips a fuller, softer appearance without a harsh lip liner look PermaLip TM Lip Implant Surgical Technique. PermaLip TM is a soft, flexible, solid silicone implant that is tapered at both ends to nicely match the natural shape of your lip. The PermaLip TM implant comes in several sizes to allow a customized augmentation of your lips. While the lip implant provides permanent augmentation of the lips, the implant can easily be removed or exchanged for a. Full, beautiful lips can make the face look more youthful, and even improve the application and appearance of makeup, says Karyn Grossman, a cosmetic dermatologist with offices in Santa. Our lip-enhancement treatment uses dermal fillers to add volume or restore fullness that's been lost to ageing. We also focus on balance, contour, and definition by enhancing the lips' natural outline (vermillion border) and Cupid's bow. Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid In the year that followed, I got lip injections twice, by two different board-certified physicians. The first time, I was acutely disappointed—I went to a buzzy, fancy practice that some of my.

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Lip augmentation involves several techniques which can restore fullness and rejuvenate the lips for a more youthful, natural appearance. There are a variety of options available for improving the lip appearance including skin resurfacing, injectable therapy, lip advancement, the subnasal lip lift, and the corner of the mouth lift PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Laura Ingraham, political talk radio host, is one of the most-listened-to women on radio in America. Here are some facts you didn't know about the radio host: READ MORE. The lip enhancement is a very popular and non-invasive procedure used to plump and shape the lips for a fuller pout. With no recovery time and instant results it is a comfortable procedure that will fit into any schedule. Procedure Time. 20 - 30 minutes. Technique Lip Fillers in Orlando, FL. Spa Blue offers some of the best lip fillers in Orlando, FL. Our lip filler options include Juvederm, Radiesse & Restylane. Call (407) 720-3529 to learn more about the cost of lip fillers in Orlando. Visit our website for before & after lip filler photos & check out the best lip filler deal

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russian technique. Once the masterclass is completed you will also be provided with a russian lip technique video by a reputable russian dr to study in your own time (worth £500) - you will have unlimited use of this. Why is it benefical to offer the Russian Lip Technique? The russian lip technique is the most popular technique on the market Courses pathway to aesthetics £2000 foundation Botox and fillers £3000 Russian lip technique £49 The | SALVUS | lip technique has been created and designed to rival the Russian Lip Salvus creates volume, body and shape however we do this in the SAFEST way. We use a unique injecting pattern and widely used needles. Most common Vascular Occlusions are seen from tenting. Tenting is most commonly used with the Russian Lip technique