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Sent 87, 88, and 89 Topps and 92TGW, received all 4 cards back signed, thank you Mr. Guzman. biggametoday. Tom Kelly. 06-28-2021. 07-10-2021. Success. 12. 1/1. HW note, SASE, 91 T. Signed the card, quick return, and sent back the $5 donation, which was very cool of TK Best Baseball TTM Signers For 2019. April 14, 2019. April 14, 2019 by Zapier Zap Zap Best TTM Signers. Baseball: Pat Neshek (Oakland Athletics RP) Mark Buehrle (Toronto Blue Jays SP) Brandon Phillips (Cincinnati Reds 2B) Jim Thome (Retired 1B) Tony LaRussa (Retired Manager) Yovani Gallard0 (Milwaukee Brewers SP) Shelby Miller (St. Louis Cardinals SP) Josh Hamilton (Los Angeles Angels OF) Bobby Doerr (HOF 2B Bobby Doerr: He was my first TTM that I ever got back and he is a great signer. He signed a index card and (2) 1989 Topps All-Star card. Great player and Hall of Famer! Thanks Mr. Doerr! Sent: 10/09/14 Got: 10/20/14 Days: 11 TTM #: 1st

Baseball 1st - Bobby Doerr Not many Hall of Famers sign free through the mail, especially in the sport of baseball. Doerr is by far the best, signing whatever shows up in his mailbox. And he's no spring chicken, at 91 years old. He's a throwback to his Red Sox playing days from 1937-51, and he signs a very legible signature For $12, Thomas will sign and send a photo showing all of his baseball cards through the years. The rarest photo he offers is a back to back to back to back shot from 1961. On June 8, 1961, Cincinnati Reds pitchers gave up four consecutive homers to four Milwaukee Braves: Eddie Mathews, Hank Aaron, Joe Adcock, then Thomas

Obtaining autographs through the mail, or TTM as it is commonly called, is something I've done for more than 20 years and I've decided to share some of my tips for success Retired baseball players who sign through the mail. With a little bit of friendliness and a self-addressed-stamped-envelope baseball autograph collectors add to their collections Through the Mail. Retired baseball players are some of the best signers of all professional athletes. With some politeness, accurate postage and a friendly note, you. Sometimes the player will list conditions for signing autographs through the mail. Often you can send a donation to the player's foundation with your TTM request, and the player will gladly sign. I've only tried TTM autograph requests for professional baseball players, but I assume the same rules apply to other sports and other types of. Best Baseball Autograph TTM Signers For 2019. Who are the best autograph signers through the mail for 2019? My special report is back - the TTM Hotlist, brand new for 2019/2020! I have gone through over 1,000 returns from Spring Training to bring you the absolute best guide to top autograph prospects for the remainder of 2019 and also 2020. Baseball players are some of the best signers of all professional athletes. With some politeness, accurate postage and a friendly note, you'll find much success with the individuals below. The list below showcases the player's name, date autograph request was sent, date the autograph request was returned, what was signed and how it was signed

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  1. -Matt Holliday (A lot of people say he signs sloppily and inconsistently TTM, and some others say he uses a ghost signer for about 30%-40% of his stuff.)-Joe Mauer (Insists the postcards he sends out are real and simply easier to sign than the baseball cards. I'm not sure I buy this.
  2. 2020 Top 5 TTM autographs. Again, Corona reared its ugly head on my abilities on do to TTM. Much like trading, several factors were responsible for this, however, here is to looking at 2021 and ramping back up the TTM requests! 5. Will Smith - 332 days. 4. Garrett Cooper - 405 days. 3. Brian McRae - 23 days
  3. 1/1/11-Posting my end of 2010 stats for my TTM collecting.I sent out very few requests compared to previous years, but my success rate was actually slightly higher overall. Baseball: 61/95 (64% success rate) Other: 26/29 (89% success rate) Overall: 87/124 (70% success rate) 12/29/10-Legendary actor James Earl Jones signed my photo in about 4 months from his production company
  4. These were a few notable reliable signers that I got 1-2 years ago that haven't been listed yet. Bobby Hull. Lawrence Taylor (via HOF) Bruce Smith (via HOF) Dan Fouts. I know he's been mentioned, but Bobby Doerr is a must for any TTM'er. Absolute class act and most generous response I've received
  5. 5/27/20 - It's an all baseball Wednesday starting with Cleveland Indian's third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall, success with Miami Hurricane's pitcher Slade Cecconi who is the 31st ranked prospect in the 2020 MLB Draft according to MLB.com, success with USA Baseball and currently uncommitted high school outfielder/1st baseman Ryan Clifford, and.
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  1. Welcome to L.P.C TTM's, we have addresses from players or people that we have gotten items signed through the mail. If you don't know what TTM stands for it's Through The Mail. It's where you send a player or person a card/item to be signed. We have listed TTM's which we have gotten back from players or people
  2. What is up everybody, here is a report I did listing the top 200+ current baseball players who signed during Spring Training this year! I went through thousa..
  3. LV's TTM autographs and Baseball Cards. Welcome to my blog!!! I have collected baseball cards and autographs over the years. I still have boxes full of cards (as well as newer cards) that are just sitting there. So, I have decided to see how many of them I can get autographed. I use through the mail as my preferred route for this adventure
  4. C/O The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball 245 Park Avenue 31st Floor New York, NY 10167 (Spring Training) Matt Shoemaker: Matt Shoemaker Temple Diablo Stadium 2200 West Alameda Dr. Temple, Arizona 85282. Mike Cameron: Mike Cameron 111 Congressional Ct. McDonough, Georgia 30253. Lonnie Smith: Lonnie Smith 145 Wesley Forest Dr. Fayetteville.

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My through the mail baseball autograph success and other life events. Former and current sports stars will sign autographs through the mail. A great hobby for any sports fan. Buy your pet products here. Sunday, October 4, 2020. Former Atlanta Braves catcher Kremers returns TTM request Pee Wee Reese- Signed 3x5 card. Jim Rice - Signed baseball card. Sam Rice- Signed B&W HOF Postcard. Branch Rickey - Signed letter from 1938. Cal Ripken Jr.-Signed baseball. Eppa Rixey- Signed check, dated 1961. Phil Rizzuto- B&W Signed 8x10 photo. Robin Roberts- TTM Signed card. Brooks Robinson- TTM signed card. Frank Robinson- Signed Baseball. Jackie Robinson- Signed album cut signatur

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TTM Autographs — The Autograph Collector. Joe Zynel. June 4, 2021. #TTMSuccess Larry Walker HOF @Cdnmooselips33 Thanks for the Autographed Ball! Have a great Summer! Joe Zynel. June 4, 2021. Larry Walker Expos Home Ball 1/30/2020 6/4/2021 Signed Blu Pen HOF Pers. Joe Zynel The address is the same. Feel free to reach out to me if you need my mailing address again! Oh sorry got a little side tracked. Anyways, I am 1 /1 with IP autographs. While at a charity event, I was able to get the entire Portland Sea Dogs to sign the same baseball. As for TTM autos, I have limited success going 2.5/8 He is the baseball coach at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and the team travels throughout Florida. But while he is one of the friendliest athletes you would ever want to meet, and will sign most items free of charge in person, he does charge a $25 fee to sign a baseball card, which he donates to a variety of charities Information. If collecting by mail is one of your passions, this is your group! Share tips, experiences and current successful mailing addresses. But don't share home addresses unless you're sure the celebrity wants to receive mail there. Members: 549. Latest Activity: yesterday

Public group · 902 members. Abou Best TTM Signers. Baseball: Pat Neshek (Oakland Athletics RP) Mark Buehrle (Toronto Blue Jays SP) Brandon Phillips (Cincinnati Reds 2B) Jim Thome (Retired 1B) Tony LaRussa (Retired Manager) Yovani Gallard0 (Milwaukee Brewers SP) . Continue reading →. November 9, 2013 · 2 Comments Show off your favorite TTM autographs. Almost a decade ago, and inspired by the likes of Doug (Dboneesq), Matt (lawnmowerman), Barry (yankeeno7), Mike (thekid8), and so many more that I apologize for leaving out, I started sending out rookie cards for players to sign TTM (through the mail). My original TTM thread from 2009 can be seen here. Eric was an excellent penalty killer and even was a full-time university student during his playing days in Chicago. Quite a feat knowing personally how difficult it is to juggle school and everything else, let alone play professional hockey. Posted by Rob's TTM Graphs at 12:24 PM No comments Well, Caleb still understands what fans and collectors mean to baseball. When his basement flooded, he sent Ryan and other collectors a photocopied note of apology. He was sorry many TTM cards got ruined by the flood, but he tried to sign even the most-damaged ones

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  1. DISCLAIMER: This video, description and cards contain affiliate links. This means if you purchase through one of the product links, I'll receive a small comm..
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  3. TTM Tips For Through The Mail Autograph Success October 19, 2018 jasondeanmartin Jason Dean Martin , TTM 19 comments Obtaining autographs through the mail, or TTM as it is commonly referred to, is something I have done for over 20 years and I've decided to share some of my tips for success
  4. Fisk signs TTM for $40 per card, and many of his signed '72 Topps cards are offered for sale every year. Bob Gibson appears on his base card #130. He occasionally participates in signing events, and his signing fee at a recent event was $49 per card. A few of his signed 1972 Topps cards are offered for sale every year

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  1. TOUGH SIGNERS: These players have less than a 25% success rate with most major collecting forums and all data has been updated to have 2019 and 2020 included. So, you're getting the most current success/failure info for each tough signer. SIGNING FEES: There are now over 300 major league ballplayers charging a fee to sign through the mail.
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  3. Andre Dawson charges $12 per baseball card. 8 by 10 photo $20.00. Baseball $45.00 Inscriptions $10.00 However with the baseball card I have heard some people have gotten it for free. I sent 5 bucks to dawson in cash and he signed it. You can get most likely for free and almost certain if you send a few dollars. Besides it's for charity
  4. 2021 TTM Hall of Fame Set. February 12, 2021. New custom card set has been added to the Customs section of the site. I knocked out 10 cards for some of the best Through The Mail autograph signers. The design is the 1951 Topps look, but with the a blank area for players to sign, instead of just printing the facsimile
  5. Here is where I have received all my baseball autographs either Through the Mail (TTM), In-Person, or purchased. Most of the baseball autographs I have gotten have been TTM, so if you need an address don't hesistate to email me yankforlife41@yahoo.com You can also check out my autograph newsletter which can be obtained for less than $1 a month and is packed with information and you can build a.
  6. THROUGH THE MAIL SIGNER OF THE YEAR. Vladimir Guerrero 35.66% of Total Votes. Scan courtesy of J's Autographs TTM. Vladimir is one of the best right fielders in all of baseball. With a cannon for an arm and a natural, pure hitter. I think one day, he will be the BIG name in baseball

TTM Baseball by Hittinaway - 26 cards (Last updated on Mar 26, 2020) My TTM cards or in person over the years. I have a lot more to add and will update when I can. Overall Lamar has had a successful MLB career and I find myself searching for more pre-80s cards of players that sign so this was a great quick return. Received Jan. 2020 and. Baseball By The Letters Tom Owens—a TTM collector for nearly 40 years—chronicles his correspondence with retired professional baseball players. Celebrity Book Signings & Events A list of celebrity book signings in the United States. Collecting-Autographs.info Articles and resources about autograph collecting. My Cubs and Bears Collectio Autograph Seekers: 5 Athletes Who Sign Through the Mail 0 of 6 I am not the autograph collector I once was, but I have always found it interesting to send and receive signatures through the mail

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  1. I was hoping we could start a thread of known players who sign exclusively in the offseason, more frequently in the offseason, or keep their normal habits in the offseason. I am starting to get my mailings together to start sending to players homes and don't want to send to known non offseason signers. p.s. i know this isnt a baseball TTM.
  2. My TTM Baseball Autographs and more My through the mail baseball autograph success and other life events. Former and current sports stars will sign autographs through the mail. A great hobby for any sports fan. Buy your pet products here. Sunday, November 24, 2019
  3. Sometimes, I get TTM success from folks other than baseball players. This one, in particular, I was really excited about, because it was from one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. I saw the Bret Hart was signing TTM, so I picked up these cards out of a quarter box at a card show in January

To leave somewhere where you are so happy being is a very tough situation. Ultimately, baseball becomes a business, and this just serves as a friendly reminder. - Aaron Rowand I collect TTM and IP autographs, mainly white sox, but some of other teams too. Good Traders: SouthSidechamps05, kearns643, dmbfan, Mike D. MadHatter, chucksk8e Joe DiMaggio continues to hold one of the unbreakable records in baseball when he hit in 56 consecutive games in 1941. The Yankee Clipper was the middle of three DiMaggio brothers, Vince and Dom, to play in the Major Leagues. Joseph Paul DiMaggio was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955 Will Ferrell is one of the worst signers. Autograph Magazine says: He mocks people, taunts and embarrasses them when they ask for autographs.. Tobey Maguire, not so good. Russell Crowe. The stall bars are beautiful, strong and made of solid oak. Please purchase the stall pad with it; I forgot to do this but customer service is excellent and sent both the stall bars and pad the very next day after purchasing. I made space in my home for this stall bar for it's an excellent way to keep fit James' TTM Autograph Successes added 4 new photos to the album: Baseball TTM, IP & Purchased Autos Album 2. July 23 at 6:31 PM ·. Share

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Collecting autographs through the mail (TTM) is a great way to get into the hobby of autograph collecting. Many sports stars and celebrities will sign autograph requests for collectors and hobbyists through the mail. This category will be dedicated to my success and failures of sending autographs to baseball players past and present through th Some of these guys just don't sign TTM or they do very sporadically. I can give you a list of guys and how much they charge TTM: Stan Musial-$100 (will send a signed picture/stats index card for free with request) Yogi Berra-$100 (but a lot of cards signed for free lately) Monte Irvin-$1 Hank Aaron- Signed baseball. Grover Cleveland Alexander- Pencil Cut Signature. Roberto Alomar-Signed baseballWalter Alston- Signed/certified 3x5 index card. Sparky Anderson- Certified Signed Card. Luis Aparicio- Signed baseball. Luke Appling- Signed HOF Postcard. Richie Ashburn- Signed Baseball. Earl Averill- Signed 3x5 card (red ink). Frank Baker - Signed check cu

As a result, it's also piquing the interest of other collectors who are less familiar with TTM autograph collecting. This post will serve as a quick 'how to' in terms of sending an autograph request for a signed card. Other collectors often send photos, baseballs, jerseys, and other memorabilia, but I'll stick to what I know: baseball cards I collected baseball cards from the late '80s through 2002. Then I went to college and when I came out, I was lost. There were too many brands, sets, choices, relics, autos, parallels, variations. It was a turn off. However, I slowly made my way back. So here is my attempt to venture back into the hobby TTM Returns: Week Ending 5-1-21. Here's a quick look at my TTM returns for the week ending May 1, 2021: Shane Rawley - 1,142 days c/o Shaner's Pizzeria. Jim Clancy - 11 days, home address. Jack Daugherty - 11 days, home address. Tom Brookens - 23 days, home address TTM Success - Shaq. I received a TTM success on April 25 that I was really excited about. I don't follow basketball at all, but when Max told me that Shaquille O'Neal was signing TTM via his business, Mine-O-Mine, Inc., I figured I would give him a shot. Max got him TTM, and got a nice hand written note in return

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WHAT'S NEW: May 2021 - Newly updated and revised editions of my Celebrity Address List and Sports Address List have been posted on my Address Lists page. These updated lists include standardized U.S. addresses that conform to USPS mailing standards, including the addition of ZIP+4 where applicable My through the mail baseball autograph success and other life events. Former and current sports stars will sign autographs through the mail. A great hobby for any sports fan. Buy your pet products here. Saturday, July 5, 2014. Classic TTM Success: Fernando Valenzuel baseball ttm autographs. cardinals baseball football basketball others custom ttm cards custom ip cards home baseball a-i baseball j-q baseball r-z multi-signature ttm My TTM Baseball Autographs and more My through the mail baseball autograph success and other life events. Former and current sports stars will sign autographs through the mail. A great hobby for any sports fan. Buy your pet products here. Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 1 baseball card Received: 12/22/09 (signed 1/1 cards with blue sharpie)* 1989 Topps #115 Autographed card Returned In: 544 days Jody Davis (MLB Catcher) c/o Daytona Cubs Jackie Robinson Ballpark 105 E. Orange Ave. Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Sent: 09/5/08 Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 4 baseball card This 2002 Upper Deck Luke Hudson turned out really well when I got it back signed TTM. I really like this design, and was happy to get this.. A Hall of Famer TTM success. [Here's the prequel to that custom cut autos post from last week.] Bobby Doerr is the patron saint of through-the-mail autographs. The man is 97 years old and still a reliable signer. A Hall of Fame second baseman for the Red Sox, he's got a lot of fans out there. He's always been very generous with his time when it. This was a really nice TTM success, and one where I really couldn't decide on which cards to send. Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey. All we are saying is give Sportlots a chance 2 days ago Twins sign Phil Hughes to 3 year deal 7 years ago Joe Average Card Collector. Griffey Jr Card Arrived From Topps

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Fan Mailday #1. One idea I had to better integrate my TTM'ing to my readers is by having you, the readers, getting a say in who I send a TTM to. Every two weeks I will ask you, the readers, to answer my poll. Whichever poll choice gets the most votes will be the person I send a TTM request to 2021 TTM Hall of Famers. Prev. 1 of 15. Next. This set, based on the 1951 Topps design, was built specifically for Through The Mail autograph collecting. I've been wanting to do a set like this for a while. I wanted the site to have a good, authentic and vintage feel, and for it to have a very natural place for players to sign the card 0 votes and 0 comments so far on Reddi

But no stats. The discs are perforated within a baseball glove and tab that allow you to order a t-shirt with a player's picture, and your name on it, oddly. Anyway, they look kind of cool. I ordered about 20 of them of potential signers. I sent one out today to Al Hrabosky as a test. The problem is their size My favorite TTM: My sister's favorite player years ago was Jason Varitek, so one year I sent him a letter and a birthday card and asked if he would be willing to sign it and send it to my sister for her birthday. I never told her about it until she got the letter in the mail from him by surprise TTM Non-Baseball 2; Links; TTM Autographs Page 3 . Autographs Through the Mail. 8/23- Zach Duke 2/2 (30 days), sent c/o minors 8/23- Al Hrabosky 1/1 (13 days), sent to home address 8/23- Jeff Salazar 1/1 (7 days), sent c/o Tulsa 8/23- Brad Sullivan 1/1 (11 days), sent c/o Modest

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How to send requests TTM (Through the Mail) First off, it depends on what items you will be sending- whether it be a baseball card, baseball, hat, index card, whatever, follow the following steps. Step 1 Today it was the Texas Rangers star center fielder - Andruw Jones. This is exciting as it marks a successful TTM return from an active major leaguer! It is always nice to see a guy take time out of his busy career and give a little back to the fans. In today's game it is easy to get caught up in all the BS hoopla regarding rule breakers and. TTM autograph received: Jose Cruz. I got the former big league outfielder to sign my card in about a couple of weeks for $5 - he started to charge to sign TTM in 2020 and while I've probably gotten him to sign something years ago, I wasn't worried sending a particular card signed. Posted by Laurens at 3:44 PM 41 votes, 16 comments. 28.7k members in the baseballcards community. Share sports (and relevant non-sports) cards and collectibles, pulls, news

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WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Schofield Barracks, 65th Engineer Battalion, Company B, 25th Division. Later served in Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands), Luzon (Philippines), New Guinea a.o. places. Sent 4 8x10, LOR, SASE. Rcvd all photos signed plus some unsigned prints and photos that tell about his interesting military career Custom TTM Success: Pat Neshek! I foresee 2016 being The Year of TTM Customs here at Baseball Card Breakdown. Getting through-the-mail autographs is already a lot of fun, and combine that with cards I've created myself, and it's not hard to tell why I love it so much. I think I've sent out 5 different request so far this young year Erik Bauersfeld. P.O. Box 5615. Berkeley, CA 94705. USA. does'nt sign items sends back a price list and to go to his website. came back from his agency coolwaters production. **this is not my autograph but is what it looks like** SIGNED BASEBALL CARD TTM AUTOGRAPH NO COA. Condition is Very Good Follow all 900 of MLB Pipeline's prospects with this cumulative list, which can be filtered by the Top 100 overall or each team's Top 30. Team-specific prospect lists can also be accessed by clicking on the team logos, which are arranged according to the number of prospects each team has in the Top 100. MLB Top 100

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Best Baseball TTM Signers For 2019. Ttmautograph.com DA: 16 PA: 36 MOZ Rank: 65. Best Baseball Autograph TTM Signers For 2019; Best Baseball TTM Signers For 2019; Share: Categories TTM Channels Tags TTM Autograph Post navigation; 2019 Bowman Baseball Break Announcement; Contest Response: Bluejacket 66 (500 subscribers) About The Sit Harold Baines. Recent 2019 inductee Harold Baines is the most recent addition to my collection of Hall of Fame autographs. Baines actually returned a through-the-mail (TTM) request - something that doesn't happen much with recent inductees - and signed without a fee! He chose to sign on the lined side of the index card that I sent, but that's. 2011 Topps Update BASEBALL CARD PACK LOT Sealed HOF RC HITs AUTO PSA. $59.95. $6.75 shipping. Only 3 left. FERNANDO TATIS JR. TOPPS ALL-STAR ROOKIE CUP 1ST GRADED 10 BASEBALL CARD PADRES. $31.49. Was: $34.99 849 Followers, 255 Following, 388 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jay (@jay_ttm_baseball Carl Yastrzemski played 23 years with the Boston Red Sox. He is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, elected in 1989. Yastrzemski was selected to 17 All Star Games, won 7 Gold Gloves, achieved 3,419 Hits and 452 Home Runs and won the Triple Crown in 1967. His famous #8 has been retired by the Boston Red Sox and sits on top of Fenway Park

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A GREAT SIGN WHERE YOU CAN FIND A LOT OF ADDRESS'S FOR A LOT OF GREAT SIGNERS. HIS YOUTUBE IS: N and G ttms- a site for autograph collectors that includes my autograph success's through the mail and have my addresss and photos of all the autographs. Details about CARLOS DELGADO SIGNED 1993 CLASSIC BEST BASEBALL CARD #87 TTM AUTOGRAPH AUTO. CARLOS DELGADO SIGNED 1993 CLASSIC BEST BASEBALL CARD #87 TTM AUTOGRAPH AUTO. Item Information. Condition:--not specified. Price: US $4.99. CARLOS DELGADO SIGNED 1993 CLASSIC BEST BASEBALL CARD #87 TTM AUTOGRAPH AUTO. Sign in to check out Check out as.

Jan 5, 2016 - 1992 Score #5 Dave Henderson (TTM) ***DEC** TTM Address Directory If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below Florida High School Baseball - Bishop Moore loses to Nature Coast Tech May 19, 2021: Brooksville, FL 34604. The Bishop Moore Hornets baseball team (Orlando, FL), was overwhelmed 6-1 in Wednesday's non-league outing with the host Nature Coast Tech Sharks (Brooksville, FL). The Sharks now hold a 24-4 record

The rate at which the batter gets a hit when he puts the ball in play. The calculation for BABIP is (H-HR)/ (AB-K-HR+SF). League average is typically .300. A batter with a BABIP of greater than .300 is typically thought of as lucky (though batters with above average speed often have BABIPs greater than .300) Here are a couple nice 2019 Bowman Draft cards that I was able to get back signed from Grant McCray. He signed a paper 2019 Draft and a Chro.. Crease free. Signed either TTM (through the mail) or IP (in person) and will pass any third party authentication service. (PSA/DNA, JSA, BAS) Football Auto but Baseball related...sort of. Thread starter PeteD; Start date Feb 25, 2017; Feb 25, 2017 #1 PeteD Active member. Oct 15, 2009 2,141 Southern Ont. Terrible signers, in all sports :?.

The Great Orioles Autograph Project: The Saga of Mark HuismannThe Great Orioles Autograph Project: 2nd Annual PostseasonThe Texas Graphing Chronicles: National Sports CollectorsThe Great Orioles Autograph Project: A Case of the Sundays