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One of the most surprising things about Japanese convenience stores is the abundance of products. On top of the regular assortment such as rice balls, sandwiches potato chips and so on, local delicacies and items are also often found, as well as a large seasonal selection Today, you'll always get such a fold-and-squeeze pack with ketchup and mustard whenever you buy a hot dog at a convenience store in Japan. Butter and jam is a popular Dispen Pak combination for hotel breakfasts and school lunches served alongside bread Instant Ramen is one of the versatile foods in Japan. Though there are similar foods in other countries, Japanese convenience stores have unique & locally flavored ones you can only get in those areas. Japanese people have a stock of them as emergency foods as it's quick and easy to eat It was nothing like the 7-Elevens I was used to back home in Japan. There were so many items missing that are almost certainly a staple in Japanese convenience stores. That was when I realized just how convenient a konbini, the Japanese nickname for convenience store, really is

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Convenience stores in Japan sell a range of things, but it's safe to say that one of the most common reasons for visiting a konbini is to get food. Onigiri, sushi, sandwiches, burgers, ramen, udon, bread, fried chicken, pork buns - and the list goes on Fami Chiki is a particularly popular item - which is a crispy fried chicken, served hot at the counter - and although there are other convenience stores also serve fried chicken, among Japanese convenience store food Fami Chiki seems to come out on top. ・ Seven-Eleven is the most popular in Thailan Tokyo: One of the world's mega-cities, Tokyo has about the same population as Australia. You're guaranteed a great time visiting here, there is an almost endless amount of things to do and see. This is Tokyo - specifically Shinjuku, outside the massive Shinjuku station

Things in Japan: Convenience Stores. March 25, 2017. March 25, 2017. ~ Oliveground. Convenience stores in Japan are like theme parks, but only if there were theme parks about buying lunch and paying bills. You feel a rollercoaster-like thrill every time you hear the Family Mart chime. You never knew paying a water bill could be so exciting Japan's convenience stores (called konbini, or conbini in Japanese) offer not only grocery items, but also daily necessities, like magazines and even clothing. In addition, customers can use ATMs, pay for tickets and bills, use a copy machine, reserve tickets for shows and museums, send letters and packages, and much more Convenience stores are truly convenient in Japan as they have a variety of goods and services and Japan has over 58,000 of them throughout the country. They usually have photocopy machines, ATMs, ticket outlets for entertainment , a shipping service, and accept bill payments Japan is the only country who has suffered from the Atomic Bomb. The memorial site and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima are definitely one of the main reasons why you should visit Japan. The museum takes you back to World War II and reminds visitors that peace is what we need in this world. 7

Sometimes, you would hear people enthusiastically talk about how good and fun the convenience stores, aka Konbini (the shortened word for a convenience store in Japanese), are when they come back from their Japan trip. (Read this article to understand why Japanese konbini is the best; The Ultimate Guide to the Japanese 'Konbini') 7-eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart are the three major. 5. Japanese lifestyle can be really convenient. Japan has plenty of convenient stores and streets full of vending machines. Because of that, shopping is much easier. Convenience stores offer a wide variety of things. There, you can buy different kinds of meals (even freshly cooked meals), snacks and beverages

5 Things About Japan's Unique Convenience Store Culture No matter where you may find yourself in Japan, day or night, you'll always be able to find a trusty conbini (convenience store) nearby. The vast array of products and services these stores offer are integral to the bustle of life in modern Japan Convenience culture may carry unhealthy connotations, but some stores in Japan have been working to combat this by stocking fresh vegetables. You can pick up the staples like potatoes, onions, carrots and tomatoes, as well as bean sprouts, cabbage, pumpkin and more—all depending on the store. Photo by Lily Crossley-Baxte When I was in Japan, I never felt like having a car would have made my life more convenient. Having such a integrated system of public transport made getting around very easy and simple and it's one of the things I miss most. Japan sure does love its trains though. CON #5: Prejudice Against Foreigners Source: Aaron Shumake

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Cory May, who recently moved back to Japan after 20 years away from his home country, recalled his first impressions of convenience stores in the US One of the quirkiest things you can do at a convenience store in Japan is buy event tickets to things like concerts, museums, theme parks, baseball games, etc,. Sometimes there are even incentives, like a small discount, for buying your tickets at the konbini. There's a machine that is either near the photocopier or is part of the photocopier. One of the more surprising things you can find in some Japanese convenience stores is a food called oden. Oden is especially popular in the winter time and consists of various ingredients like eggs and fish cakes in a salty broth. Popular throughout Japan, it is also conveniently served in convenience stores during the winter. 6 Learn about the prices of food in Japan for convenience store food, and dishes like sushi, ramen, and fast food. This article introduces how much an average meal costs while traveling, 1,000 yen-meals, and how to save more money on dining

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Another option on the 7-Eleven machine is 'ネットプリント' (net print), which involves uploading your files to their website and printing them from the machine at the convenience store. I haven't had a lot of luck with Net Print, but you can find a detailed guide to the 7-Eleven system on Surviving in Japan From tech to toilets, Japan has countless convenient innovations that make everyday life just a bit easier. Here are a few that are sure to catch your attention!. Explore this storyboard about Japan, Japan Travel, Toilets by LIVE JAPAN on Flipboard Japan convenience stores are no different in that regard - there's usually a shelf section selling large bottles of sake and other spirits, and the obligatory refrigerator cabinets with various beers and chu-hi cans. and But when I saw these at the convenience store for the first time, I was surprised! It makes for easy (a little TOO easy. Rice is pretty important food for the Japanese, so there are many Onigiri in convenience stores, finding them is easy. You will see the walls of onigiri in convenience stores. I think if you are travelling in Japan, trying onigiris and finding your favourite flavour can be fun

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Convenience stores really are convenient in Japan. You can pay your bills, withdraw money, buy a freshly prepared lunch, and pick up emergency beauty supplies in less than five minutes. Don't even get me started on their ice cream selection Home » Japanese Convenience stores: 10 amazing things to buy or do! Japanese Convenience stores: 10 amazing things to buy or do! In Japan it often seems that there is a convenience store on every street corner and while this may not be quite the case there are over 5000 'Konbini' in the Tokyo area and over 50,000 nationally Visiting a Japanese Onsen or Japanese sento should be at the top of your things to do in Japan list, even if you only go once! An onsen is a Japanese hot spring where visitors are separated by sex and can soak naked in the warm water, usually outside. It's culturally unique and only something you can fall in love with in Japan

Onigiri One of the simple things we miss the most from Japan is these humble simple onigiri from convenient store. Do not underestimate it, it's cheap, comes with lots of choices, and very tasty. Each convenient store has different options on each season Best Price Guarantee! Book & Save. Book at Ryokan Katsutaro, Tokyo Convenience Stores are plentiful around Japan. They provide a different array of options and sell everything from groceries to underpants. Their best sellers are mostly foods: Are you interested in buying some Japanese foods there but still unsure which ones you should buy? Here's the list of recommendations for you! Onigiri Onigiri is a versatile Japanese food widely known as traditional. You might be familiar with Japan's three most popular convenience stores, because they are also popular in the Philippines. To top the list, we have 7-Eleven, the store with the highest number of branches across Japan.It is popular for its affordable and high quality, healthy meals, like the onigiri and the omurice.The second most popular convenient store in Japan is FamilyMart

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  1. Convenience stores, or konbini (コンビニ), in Japan well and truly live up to their name. From buying food and drinks, to paying your bills, the services available at convenience stores in Japan are guaranteed to make your life easier. Read on to find out all the things you can buy and services offered at a Japanese konbini
  2. Japanese Convenience food Stores offer everything we need and whenever we need it. You can get bento boxes, cup noodles, sushi, sweet treats, seating space, and much more at these convenience stores. There are several convenience stores in Japan. The most famous Japanese convenience store food are 7-Eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart
  3. Japan's convenience stores are amazing in many ways and as you travel, you'll find yourself stopping by on more than one occasion. One of the most enjoyable things to do in a konbini, as the shops are affectionately called, is to browse for unique and limited sweets and snacks! If you don't know where to start, we've chosen our 10 favorite treats from Japan's 7-Eleven that you.
  4. One of the quirkiest things you can do at a convenience store in Japan is buy event tickets to things like concerts, museums, theme parks, baseball games, etc,. Sometimes there are even incentives, like a small discount, for buying your tickets at the konbini. There's a machine that is either near the photocopier or is part of the photocopier.

When it comes to tourism in Japan, the most infamous example may be Kyoto, the former capital of the country. From serene shrines to bustling city attractions, there's no shortage of things to see and do in this town. Unfortunately, the density of tourists in Kyoto is straining Kyoto's transportation infrastructure to its limits. While it is one of the largest cities in Japan, Kyoto's. It's often found disgusting by foreigners for its repugnant taste, smell, and texture. Natto is a very common delicacy that can be found throughout Japan from convenience stores to supermarkets. However, if you love natto, you should head over to Mito, Ibaraki, the natto capital of the world. Read About: Things to Buy in Tokyo, Japan 3. Motsunab Find out more about Japan's major convenience store chains - Seven-Eleven, Lawson, and FamilyMart! The conbini is a great source for high-quality food, souvenirs, and Japanese products and very useful, with ATMs, ticket reservation services, luggage mailing, and more

Sapporo is one of Hokkaido's top destinations but creating an itinerary for exploring this lively city and the amazing nature that surrounds it can seem challenging. In this article, we provide convenient links for booking activities in Sapporo 25 Amazing Things Japan Has That We Need In America ASAP. This incredibly convenient bathroom system that lets you know which toilets are free, and which are occupied On a recent trip back to Japan, I overheard two young Japanese women talking about what they'd missed most while living overseas for a year. Together, they said, Conbini! and started laughing. And I nodded my head in agreement because, yeah, I miss them too. And for good reason: conbini, short for convenience stores (spelled 'konbini' in romanized Japanese), are magical places. With. #Pinayinjapan#LifeinJapan#DOs&DONTsinJAPANDISCLAIMER:I am Filipina, just to sharing my experiences & the things that I learned in 7years of living here in Ja..

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Visitors to Japan simply have to check out the country's famous convenience stores. They're an indispensable part of everyday life here. Not only do they sell food items such as bento (lunch boxes), noodles, snacks, cup noodles, fried foods, and coffee, but they also, true to their name, conveniently carry a wide range of daily necessities. One of the most popular convenience stores in. Japanese vending machines are at the forefront of a convenience renaissance, and no nation will ever be able to catch up. There are 5.52 million vending machines in Japan, according to the nation.

Here are eight things you can do at a Konbini that might just make you trip to Japan that much more convenient. Grab a meal (and a drink!) If you're on a tight budget, having your meals at Konbinis are a great way to cut down on costs. Konbinis offer a wide range of fresh snacks, bento boxes, sandwiches, instant ramen, and other confectionery. Money. The Japanese currency is the yen (円, en). One yen corresponds to 100 sen. However, sen are usually not used in everyday life anymore, except in stock market prices. Bills come in 1,000 yen, 2,000 yen (very rare), 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen denominations. Coins come in 1 yen, 5 yen, 10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen and 500 yen denominations 7-Eleven is Japan's most popular konbini. Like in most other places across the globe, 7-Eleven has become a staple of daily life for many Japanese consumers. It is Japan's largest convenience store, with 20,000 outlets across the country. Just to get an idea of the unrelenting expansion of the company, in January of this year, 7-Eleven. One of the simple things we miss the most from Japan is these humble simple onigiri from convenient store. Do not underestimate it, it's cheap, comes with lots of choices, and very tasty. Each convenient store has different options on each season

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  1. Recipe: Zucchini apple bread with crumble topping. Preheat oven to 350, combine zucchini apple ingredients in a large bowl. Spray 2 standard loaf baking containers with non-stick grease and pour the mixture. Read on Stripes.com. Food & Drink. Cuisine
  2. Convenience stores in Japan are far less car-focused than in North America. It's rare for them to sell gasoline or car supplies. When they do carry some automotive essentials they never seem to know where to put them. That's windshield wiper fluid just above the ice cream. 5. Take care of business.
  3. So, you've been living in Japan, or you've made the journey there for a visit, and it's time to leave. All good things must come to an end, as they say. As you look down from your overpriced window seat on the airplane, you hear a voice. 'You'll be back,' the coastline whispers as it recedes. 'They all come back' Until you're able to make that long-awaited trip back to Japan.

Meat - chicken is cheap (really cheap), beef is expensive. However, it is still easy/cheap/quick to eat out and could be more relaxing than preparing something yourself. Even good quality restaurants are pretty cheap (1/2 of NZ prices), and at the lower/cheap end you can get a good meal for NZ$15 As you may know, Japan is a country where earthquakes happen very frequently. More than 10 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, also known as the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, and there are still aftershocks like the one that occurred on February 13, 2021. View this post on Instagram A post shared b Convenience Store Food. Convenience stores are well-known cheap places to eat in Tokyo. With the high food price in Japan and Tokyo, the convenience stores offer quick, easy and affordable food options. The three most popular convenience stores are 7-Eleven, Lawsons and Family Mart Things to do in Asakusa. 1. The Kaminarimon. I find the best way to enjoy this part of Asakusa is starting from the outer gate called Kaminarimon which is really close to the Asakusa station exit. You can get here from other parts of the city using the Asakusa or Ginza subway lines and use exits A3~A5

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Click the long pink button (アカウントを作成する) to create a free account. Step 2. This page explains a few things and lists the terms. Click 同意する to agree and continue. Step 3. Enter your email address twice and click 通信 to submit. Step 4. This is the confirmation page. You'll receive an email with a link in it In my last post, how to print in Japan without owning a printer, I mentioned a few places to print out your documents in Japan and listed two guides explaining how to set up a net print account with 7-11 and Circle K.However, some of the feedback I received prompted me to clarify exactly what services some of the major convenience store chains in Japan offer We travel to Tokyo and eat & drink ALL the things in this ultimate Japanese food & drink travel guide!SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/stcgsub | MERCH: http://bit.ly.. People pop into convenience stores to grab things they need - whether they're on a long road trip or just on their way home from work. According to Jeff Lenard, VP of strategic industry initiatives at the National Association of Convenience Stores, the average time spent in some convenience stores is less than 4 minutes and 83% of the items. Customer's investigation leads to a discovery that's shocked people around Japan. Japanese convenience stores, or konbini as they're colloquially known, have built up a reputation locally and abroad for their tasty food offerings, covering everything from seasonal desserts through to chicken nuggets, onigiri rice balls and bento lunch boxes

Convenience stores. Convenience stores in Japan literally have everything. It's clean, the store clerks are polite. Most of them open for 24 hours. Convenience store such as seven eleven is a joke in America. They sell coffee, donuts and junk food! And they are definitely not clean! Japanese convenience stores sell high quality products at time Convenience, low cost of running, security stability seems to be the main reasons for Japan to invest in vending machines. [55] A patent for an automatic goods vending machine was filed in 1888 in Japan; early surviving vending machines from around the 1900s include one that dispenses stamps and postcards, and one that dispenses sake

All-You-Can Japan (ISBN 1479216437), by Josh Shulman is a unique travel guide to Japan that offers a smart travel strategy for getting an authentic yet affordable experience in Japan. The author was born and raised in Japan, and writes this short guide in a casual, easy-to-read language Loft is popular variety store that sells a ton of interesting products. From home goods to beauty items, from traditional Japanese products to super cute cha..

Best things about living in Japan: 1) a great place to learn/enjoy the sense of style and design that the country has to offer; 2) a great place to learn how to be more considerate and think from other people's perspectives--the Japanese are some. Cuckoo CR-0631F 6-Cup Multifunctional Rice Cooker. $110 now 6% off. $103. When it comes to rice makers, Cuckoo is the brand of choice in Korean households. You can usually find a few different. Ridiculous Products - Funny And Strange Things You Can Actually Buy A bunch of ridiculous products found around the web, funny, weird, or totally stupid products. It is completely amazing that the products below were actually invented and are marketed to us through the internet or Infomercial TV Life in Japan can be challenging, but also absolutely amazing and wonderful. Having spent two years in the country of the rising sun as a kid I still remember quite a lot of things that kept me thrilled and amazed. Here are ten things about the Japanese lifestyle that you should know before moving in or traveling to this wonderful country! 1 Terminology. A convenience store may also be called a c-store [citation needed], cold store, party store (), bodega (New York City), tienda de barrio (Latin America), carry out, mini-market, mini-mart, konbini (Japan), corner shop, deli or milk bar (Australia), dairy (New Zealand), superette (New Zealand and parts of USA), corner store (many parts of English-speaking Canada and New England.

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The record, which was made available in Japan last October, is the third in a series that began with Tokyo Jukebox in 2009, and then Tokyo Jukebox 2 following in 2011 3. The name has history behind it. Back in the day, the retail operation was known as Tote'm Stores, but the new name was introduced in 1946 once store hours had expanded to 7am-11pm. 7-Eleven. The Insider Reviews team shared the best things they've bought on Amazon for under $25. We unearthed some interesting finds, from a cheddar cheesy powder to a white noise sleep machine

If you have been to Japan, you cannot deny that Japanese convenience stores are literally amazing! As we have already established, there are a variety of amazing things you can do like photocopying or withdrawing cash, but the list of incredible things you can buy at Japanese convenience store might impress you even more!. You can be sure to find cheap quick meals like onigiri, bento boxes and. via Insider. Bento is a big part of lunch in Japan. Bento boxes are sold en mass at convenience stores such as 7-11 and contain everything a person needs to have a satisfying meal, ready for them in one neat, compact box. They can contain anything from fried cutlets to salads, rice, eggs, and even curries or pasta Every Amazing Thing You've Heard About Japanese Convenience Stores Is True Fried chicken, onigiri, and a wild candy selection — Tokyo's conbini are havens of 24/7 snacking by Mona Nomura @Mona.

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5. Melon Pan. Is a sweet bread bun, no it doesn't taste like melon (most of the time) but it looks like one that's where the name comes from. They are super popular in Japan and can be found in most bakeries and also most convenient stores (like 7/11) 6. Manjū. Manju is a famous traditional Japanese candy To give you an idea, you should expect to travel in Japan with an average daily cost of about USD $45~ per person on a budget, or at least $120~ if you want to experience more comfort on activities, tours, hotels, and more. (Values below show low budget to medium budget ranges). Hotels: $25 to $120 USD / day

Whether you're off for a romantic vacation, family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, Japan vacation packages on Tripadvisor make planning your trip simple and affordable. Find the perfect vacation package for Japan on Tripadvisor by comparing Japan hotel and flight prices. Travelers like you have written 1,668,733 reviews and posted 2,900. 47. Yukihira Saucepan by Yoshikawa. One of the best things to buy in Japan is the unique handmade kitchenware; and one of the most easily recognizable is a yukihira or dimpled saucepan. This one was handmade in Tsubame, Japan, a city with more 400 years of metalworking history

Convenient for sightseeing in central Tokyo. Convenient for regional travel. Tokyo Station is a main shinkansen bullet train stop in Tokyo. Convenient for airport transfers to and from Narita and Haneda Airports via train or airport limousine bus. The NEX train from Narita Airport takes you to Tokyo Station in a little under an hour You might think that everyone loves cute things. But not the way Japanese people do. In Japan, cuteness is a well-established and very prevalent part of the culture. And, of course, there is a.

Japan is known for its konbinis, or convenience stores. Sometimes referred to as the heartbeat of a city, they're usually open 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Step inside one of them, and you'll find they carry a plethora of items you wouldn't usually find in an American convenience store. Here are some of those things Japan proposes four-day working week to improve work-life balance. which can be far more convenient and productive for many. Cut down to size. Fujitsu has seized the opportunity, Schulz.

Tokyo is huge, so it's important to stay somewhere convenient. The best places to stay are Shinjuku, the Tokyo Station Area, Ginza/Hibiya, Shibuya or Roppongi. Other decent places to stay include Nihombashi, Shinagawa, Hamamatsucho and Shiodome. Try to stay near a Yamanote Line (Tokyo loop line) station Convenient for sightseeing in Osaka and for nearby day trips via subways and trains. Convenient for day trips to Downtown Kyoto. Gion Shijo or Kawaramachi Station in Downtown Kyoto is just 1 hour train ride away from Namba with 1 transfer. Direct access for day trips to Nara in 40 minutes via Kintetsu Nara railway line 20. Hokkaido cheese tarts. Hokkaido is the most northern of Japans main islands and one of the things it's known for is it's rich and delicious dairy. Hokkaido produces around half of Japan's milk, 90% of its natural cheese and some excellent quality ice creams and yogurts

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At convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan, you can find many kinds of instant noodles, and it's hard chose which ones to buy. Today, I have picked 10 most popular instant cup noodles in Japan including classic to trendy ones! So let's check them out and make sure to add them to your shopping list in Japan COVID update: Lawson Station has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 57 reviews of Lawson Station One of the largest convenience stores in Japan has arrived in Hawaii. Now I have never been to Japan but my friend Nate talks about his many visits to Lawson for a late snack meal. He describes one of his favorite meals, Fried Chicken from Lawson Public restrooms are easy to find in Japan. For example, Japanese convenience stores offer washrooms. Bathroom stalls in Japan are fully private (wall from roof to floor). Most bathrooms are reasonably clean with the exception of bathrooms at some parks, beaches and other remote locations Prepaid smart cards are incredibly convenient. Buy one as soon as you can! The best prepaid cards for travelers in Japan are Pasmo and Suica. For most purposes, Pasma and Suica are interchangeable. Buy either! You can use Pasmo/Suica for all trains, subways and buses in Tokyo. You can also use Pasmo/Suica at many shops, especially convenience.

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The Breath Palette Flavoured Toothpaste is currently only available in Japan. 24. Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence Sunscreen. The Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence is a definite Japan drugstore must-buy. Now reformulated to be waterproof and sweat-proof, it gives you long-lasting UV protection in Singapore's relentless heat at a beyond affordable price Nine things Japan does way better than any other country in the world. Schools, Schools are one of the most important institution for any country after all it is where the future of the country is shaped and Japan sure knows how to shape its future well

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These convenience stores do offer a lot of things to buy from including delicious snacks and foods. In fact, Seven Bank's ATMs are located at different 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan. There is other option left which is the post offices you find throughout Japan. They offer you to cash out from their Japan Post Bank's ATMs We are able to buy from almost any Japanese store. Including: Auction sites—like Yahoo Auctions and Rakuma. Online stores—like Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Zozotown and others. Mail-order—via fax, letter, or phone. In-store pick-up at physical shops and events. Japanese marketplaces—like Mercari, Otamart, and Frill I think that Americans see McDonald's as an in-and-out convenience-type store where cheap food can be quickly purchased. Japanese see it more like a restaurant, as a taste of what America might be like. Clearly, McDonald's in Japan will continue to succeed as long as it is a popular place to eat

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With this being said, there are enough things to do in Hakodate to justify staying 3-5 days, especially if you're taking a longer trip to Japan (say, one month), if you're focusing on Hokkaido and Tohoku or if you're simply at the phase of your Japan travel where you're focusing on secondary and tertiary destinations Japan is an expensive place to live. You can help yourself and ease your financial worries by giving yourself that extra cushion. 3. Consider Your Mode Of Transportation. Toyota is a car heavy city with a convenient transportation system. Stacy has discovered that, Depending on the city, you will either need a car or be able to use the. There are a few things to watch out for, including giant centipedes, poisonous snakes and the denki mushi - a little green caterpillar that will make you feel like you've been electrocuted if you touch it! One of Japan's deadliest creatures is the giant hornet, which has even caused fatalities Importantly, it does not seem to rely on Japan, but has become homegrown in multiple locations, with global participants consuming and contributing in equal measure. but how convenient for. All the Things You Can Find in a Tokyo Convenience Store Japan is known for its konbinis, or convenience stores. Sometimes referred to as the heartbeat of a city, they're usually open 24.

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Convenience is in the eye of the generation. Increasingly, corner markets in Japan target the 27 percent of residents over 65 — offering nursing care advice and home delivery of meals and groceries There are various types of bento, each with its own purpose and appropriate setting. These are the most common types of bento boxes in Japan: Marukonouchi Bento. Prepared by a caterer, these are the two-section bento boxes typically found in convenience stores, supermarkets, and department stores New inconvenience store opens at Dhoby Ghaut selling sustainable things you can't buy. Not your average 7-Eleven or Cheers. But inside the new convenience store in the middle of Orchard area. Japanese architecture (日本建築, Nihon kenchiku) has been typified by wooden structures, elevated slightly off the ground, with tiled or thatched roofs. Sliding doors and other traditional partitions were used in place of walls, allowing the internal configuration of a space to be customized for different occasions.People usually sat on cushions or otherwise on the floor, traditionally. Today, Lawson has over 14,000 stores in Japan.It's the number three convenience store brand after 7-Eleven (~21,000 stores), and a homegrown rival called FamilyMart (~17,000 stores)