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When removing paper materials from the cutting mat, use the Silhouette spatula and carefully and slowly pull the material off the mat. You may also want to pull the mat away from the paper as opposed to pulling the paper off the mat. This also helps stop the paper from curling as it's removed. Again, use the spatula for any stubborn spots Spread across your mat. Wait for 15 minutes and scrape your mat (I use an old credit card for my scraper). Rinse with water and let your mat air dry. Wipes - You can use wipes to clean the map, but make sure they are bleach free Place the HTV onto the mat. If you haven't already, begin by removing the liner that comes attached to the mat. This will reveal the mat's sticky surface. Make sure to put the liner back on the mat when you're done using it. This'll extend the mat's useful life. Next, place the heat transfer vinyl (cut-side facing up) onto the mat so that the. Go to the Send panel at the top right of Silhouette Studio. In the Material menu select Heat Transfer Vinyl, Smooth from the list of materials. This will then display the recommended cut settings along the bottom of Silhouette Studio. Make sure you have bold red cut lines around your design which will appear when Cut is selected

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  1. How to Fix Wrinkled Vinyl: Silhouette Hack for Removing Wrinkles and Bubbles. Find this Pin and more on Silhouette Cameo Projects by Kerri Tryon. Choose board. Save. Article from silhouetteschoolblog.com
  2. Cut settings is located in the send tab in Silhouette Studio. If you are using a Silhouette CAMEO 3, you are equipped with an automatic blade. The blade will adjust to the depth it needs to be to cut your vinyl successfully without going through the back. Once you have your cut settings selected correctly, now is the time to perform a test cut
  3. The first option to cut without a mat is the Kiss Cut option. A Kiss Cut is used when your material has its own backing. This includes vinyl, heat transfer, and sticker sheets. You can these material types into the machine without placing the material on a cutting mat, and the machine will cut only through the material's surface but not all.

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It is sharp and works great for removing that vinyl. You can also use a Silhouette hook, a Cricut hook, tweezers, a craft knife, or even a straight pin. If you have any difficulty seeing your cut lines, you can try gently bending your vinyl or holding it up to a light or window. The Cricut Bright Pad is another option Line up the design on your solid surface and lay transfer tape with vinyl down. Press firmly with your hand to begin the sticking process. Use a credit card to smooth out the design. Step 7: Remove Transfer Tape. Carefully remove the transfer tape from the vinyl (the vinyl will stick to the solid surface. And that's it! Easy peasy I'm a 2 week old newbie and I'm loving my new Cameo 3. I've been cutting vinyl just fine without the mat withouit changing the mat setting. But, when I change it to none for the missing mat, my design cuts sideways. Even the little picture icon with the letter F is showing that my design is going to be cut sideways Don't forget to pick up some transfer tape to help you apply all that vinyl! 1pen design in Silhouette Studio® O Select Vinyl in the Material tab in the Send panel 2oad the vinyl into your Silhouette L A cutting mat is not necessary However, if your vinyl piece is smaller than what the rollers can adjust to you will need to use a cutting mat Click Start First, Place your Cricut / Silhouette mat on a flat surface. Second, Take a lint roller and roll up any debris that can easily come up. The last step is using all-natural wipes. All-natural wipes are a great way to clean your mat. I use Huggies brand baby wipes to lightly scrub my mats after each project

Load the cutting mat into your Silhouette Cameo. Click Send down at the bottom, and watch as your design is cut out. Weed the vinyl, removing all the excess vinyl you don't want to be applied to your t-shirt. Keep the cut design on the clear backing sheet. Use a hooked weeding tool or an X-Acto knife for the small areas It's used for making rope, mats, brushes, mattresses, and potting compost. Step 2: Set up the Design Page. In Silhouette Studio, set your design page to match the dimensions of your doormat. Set the cutting mat to None and make sure that neither the Show Print Border or Show Cut Border boxes are checked Tip: Make sure you are using a roll of vinyl without a cutting mat.. Now, here's another troubleshooting tip for those using older Silhouette Cameo machines. When feeding your vinyl without a cutting mat, move your vinyl a little left of the blue guiding marks on your machine.. Otherwise, the vinyl has a tendency to shift around because the left rollers can't catch and hold the vinyl sheet

If you have a Silhouette Cameo or Portrait, you may notice after some use your mat might start to loose its stick. You might resort to sticking your vinyl or card down with tape instead. I don't know about you, but I find my medium can still move about with the pressure of the blade (B) Drag the mat across and down the edge of a desk or table so the mat is doing the bending, and not your paper. As the edge of the paper cut pops off the bent mat, carefully remove the paper to try and keep it as flat as possible. (See image below.) Don't worry about bending your mat. It's plastic and is made to be flexible Weeding vinyl is the process of removing the unwanted vinyl from your cut design. You can think of it like weeding a garden: you carefully dig up all the little pieces that aren't supposed to be there, without destroying any of your beautiful flowers Maybe you got a brand new Silhouette® cutting machine for Christmas. OR maybe you have had yours for a while and just need a gentle push to get it out of the box. Either way, this post is for you! Here are 5 tips for cutting heat transfer vinyl with a Silhouette®. I buy heat transfer vinyl from Happy Crafters and Expressions Vinyl First, Place your Cricut / Silhouette mat on a flat surface. Second, Take a lint roller and roll up any debris that can easily come up. The last step is using all-natural wipes. All-natural wipes are a great way to clean your mat. I use Huggies brand baby wipes to lightly scrub my mats after each project

5. Drag the Silhouette mat over to the sink for a rinse. If you see that you haven't gotten all the old sticky mess off, just repeat steps 2-4 until it's nice and clean. 6. Once clean, dry with a towel and set to the side. You want to make sure the mat is fully dry before applying the spray adhesive Why You Need to Restick Your Cricut Cutting Mat. When you buy your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine, a cutting mat will usually be included with your purchase.. These mats are usually made from rubber and are very tacky to the touch, allowing you to stick your paper, vinyl — or whatever material you're using — to the mat, allowing it to slide evenly through your machine and to be. After I've taken off the larger pieces of my project, I will roll the mat to release other debris on the mat. Any smaller pieces, I use a Silhouette spatula to carefully help remove debris off the mat. Clean the mat if needed. A good quality lint roller brush can be used to help lift debris off the mat The angle of the blade goes into the vinyl at a slightly different angle than the regular Silhouette ratchet blade or Auto blade which, again, prevents the vinyl from being torn. #7: Use a Sticky Mat! Make sure your cutting mat is pretty sticky when place the vinyl on it to cut. This will keep the material firmly in place

And it cuts just like vinyl, without having to cut with scissors. Plus, you get a whole roll of it for a dollar and it can easily be used for glass etching projects and other things that need the stencil to be flexible. :) Thanks for the tip about the mat! I use a Silhouette Portrait, so that will work perfectly :) Reply Delet How to prep your machine and software before you hit cut. Prep your mat. If your mat has pieces of paper on it from previous cuts, clean them off with your scraper tool. Load your paper on the mat and into your machine. Check your blade to make sure there are no small pieces of paper or other materials inside of it. Clean it out if you need to The Basics of Cutting HTV with Silhouette. Step 1 - Create the design you want to cut. Step 2 - Place the HTV correctly on the cutting mat in the same location on the grid as what shows on the Silhouette Studio software or load the vinyl directly into the machine to cut without a mat (click HERE for more tips on Cutting without a Mat ) Create your design using Silhouette Studio. Send to Silhouette Cameo applying the appropriate cut settings for the material you are using. {I'm using heat transfer vinyl: glitter - and an AutoBlade} When cutting heat transfer vinyl your design must be cut backward (aka mirrored)

Ignore my messy mat . Also note, you don't HAVE to use a mat when you're cutting vinyl. For now, especially since I'm doing smaller projects, I'm more comfortable using it than not. 3. Now it's time to load the mat. Make sure you choose load mat if you are using the mat, and load media if you are not Step 3 : Applying vinyl to the cutting Mat. Apply your Adhesive Vinyl to the sticky mat, by lining the edge of the vinyl with the top of the grid on the cutting mat, with the color-side up. Then smooth down the whole piece of vinyl, making sure there are no air bubbles to get in the way of your blade. You are now ready to load into your machine Step Two: Cut your Design from Vinyl. Once the design is sized and ready to go, you'll need to prep the vinyl to be cut. Put your adhesive vinyl on your cutting mat, with the paper backing side down. Load the mat into your machine. Some machines can auto adjust the blade for the different types of materials it can cut Place the material on the cutting mat, plastic backing side down, select Load Cutting Mat on your Silhouette screen, and push Enter to load the cutting mat. Then click on the Cut Settings icon in the top toolbar, and choose Heat Transfer Vinyl from the menu. Choose Smooth if you're using smooth heat transfer vinyl, or Flocked. Use Cricut machines to make homemade scrapbooking items, stickers and other vinyl and paper products. Of course, when you first pull out a fresh, new cutting mat, it can be so sticky that the paper or cardstock won't even come off. Condition the cutting mat so your cut-outs peel off simply and without tearing or leaving anything behind

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However, Silhouette America should be including some basic tools to help users remove the cut-outs from the mat. I bought a little kit at Walmart for $10. It's the one for the Cricut, but it's the exact same tools you will need for your Cameo The place mat I bought measured 12 by 17 which will make two 8.5 by 12 mats. This is smaller than the silhouette mat, 9 by 13.5. This size will still fit the Silhouette Portrait machine with a slightly shorter cutting length. If desired a full sized mat can be cut out; I made two for comparison of the adhesives The 12×12 inch Cameo mat (standard grip), 12×12″ Light Tack Mat , 12×24″ and 8×12″. The mat is clear and comes with a 1 inch grid printed on it. When your mat is facing the correct direction, the sticky side is up and the Silhouette logo is in the bottom right hand corner. To expose the adhesive on the mat, remove the blue cover sheet.

For more tips on setting up a Silhouette to cut without a mat check out this post Cutting without a Mat HERE. Roll Feeder Tips. 1- Place the material on a cardboard roll. I have seen many users have an issue with the roll feeder sliding back into the machine while in use. I did notice it worked much better when the vinyl was on a roll There are 2 ways you can do a test cut. 1 - Use the Test Cut feature in the Silhouette software on the Send tab. The default test cut option is in the upper left corner of either the mat or the material loaded. If you need to move the test cut to do it again, you can do so in 2 ways. You will need to move the test cut to the exact location. The Cameo Pro comes with a 24″ cutting mat. This sucker is a monster and will take some practice to get the hang of maneuvering, but I love having this option! First, remove the protective cover sheet off of the cutting mat. The load line is the far left line on the left side of the machine for the 24″ cutting mat Place the vinyl on the correct size of mat you have selected in the Silhouette Software. Line the mat up with the blue line on the left hand side of your machine. Now select Load on your CAMEO 3. How to Load Vinyl without a Mat. I like to cut most of my vinyl without a mat, because the majority of the time I am using rolls of vinyl instead of.

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Many people have been asking us - can the cutting mat be cleaned or should I throw it away? Actually, you can clean it! After a lot of use and abuse or dropping onto the carpet, your Silhouette cutting mat can look very dirty. Fibers, dust, hair and tiny pieces of paper get stuck to the mat's sticky areas and affect is stickiness. Loss of stickiness results in poor cutting and poor-quality. To make Team USA joggers you will need to be able to cut longer than the standard 12″x 12″ cutting mat. Fortunately, EasyWeed can be cut in the Silhouette Cameo without a cutting mat! All you need to do to cut longer than the mat is change a few settings in Silhouette Studio Jun 3, 2021 - Explore Expressions Vinyl's board Vinyl tricks and tips, followed by 57477 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about vinyl, silhouette tutorials, silhouette cameo projects The Silhouette Portrait Electronic Cutting Machine is a great little machine and there are several Instructables out there describing using the Silhouette Portrait for making decals, but they all seem to gloss over the details of using the Sihouette Studio software to generate the cutting lines and this is the step that I struggle with the most so I figured I should write my own

Oct 19, 2018 - Find an easy way to remove print heat transfer vinyl lettering from t-shirts and reuse your t-shirt for another craft design or project. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Resticking a Silhouette Mat (Tutorial) Resticking a Silhouette Mat (Tutorial) Resticking a Silhouette Mat (Tutorial) Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures After spraying or using a glue stick, allow the mat to air dry. Once the mat is dry, you can then remove the tape, and your mat should be as good as new! You can test a small corner of your mat to make sure it is as sticky as you would like. If the mat is too sticky, you can use a t-shirt to slightly dull the adhesive Allow the cut job to complete and unload your mat. Remove the waste vinyl from around your design and apply some transfer tape to the lift the design. Ensure that you chosen object is thoroughly cleaned and then align the center of your design to the desired location on your object

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Pop-Out Cut: A New Matless Cutting Mode! The new pop-out cut is definitely my favorite Portrait 3 feature. Previous Silhouette machines allow you to cut vinyl and other backed materials without a mat, but with the Portrait 3 (and the Cameo 4), you can now cut materials like cardstock and paper without a mat Place your vinyl on your cutting mat with the paper liner side towards the mat. Load the mat into your machine and turn the smart set dial to Vinyl. Your machine will be set to cut the vinyl but not the paper backing. Press go (the C icon underneath your dial). Remove your vinyl from the mat once your cut is complete I want to show you also the type of details that we can cut with our Silhouette Cameo 3, regardless of the the limits of Cameo 3 that is 30 centimeters or 12 inches, keep it in mind when you invest in this type of machine like a cutting plotter or heat transfer vinyl, there are different types and quality of vinyl, that we will talk about in another video so that you will learn how to. Stop pulling your hair out and start creating confidently with your Cricut! Check out our helpful Cricut Resources—everything you need to know to learn and love your Cricut.. If you've ever looked at your vinyl Cricut or Silhouette project and wondered how you're going to get it from the backing paper and onto your final project material, then this is the tutorial for you Using the tape cover the whole mat so that you only get Flex seal where you want it. Hold the flex seal nozzle directly above the mat, making sure to stay above and spray over your words until they are fully covered. Remove the vinyl stencil as soon as you are done spraying and allow to dry for at least 24 hours

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How-to Guides. Select from this menu of how-to guides to help you get started with your Silhouette. For more tutorials and inspiration visit Silhouette101.com How to Cut a Silhouette Knockout Design (on HTV, Vinyl, and Paper) (Silhouette School) Last week I shared the secret to designing with the Silhouette Knockout Technique and I promised a follow up on cutting this type of design Put a temporary box (in roughly the same color as the vinyl) to determine where it would be on the mat. Cut a piece of vinyl the same size as your box and place on your mat in the same position. Make sure to remove these boxes before cutting Removing Heat Transfer Vinyl From a Shirt. Step 1 - Set the temperature. Step 2 - Place the shirt over the iron. Step 3 - Pick away at the HTV. Step 4 - Remove any leftover HTV adhesive. Things to avoid. Conclusion Cuts great on cutting mat, but you could probably try cutting without it. If using this material frequently, set up your own user-defined cut settings in Silhouette Studio. Keeps those scraps. Remove from cutting mat by flipping over and peeling the mat off the stencil film, not the other way around

After the Cricut® is finished cutting, remove the mat then remove the stencil vinyl from the mat. Now you are going to weed in reverse. Instead of removing the vinyl around the letters, you'll be removing the vinyl letters themselves. I used the Cricut® Bright Pad for the first time. It was so easy to see the cut lines using the Bright Pad This cutting mat from Silhouette is just what you need for your fabric-cutting tasks. The mat has a strong adhesive level to hold fabric and other thicker materials. Use it with the compatible Silhouette Cameo cutting machine for the best results. Details: 12 x 12 (30cm x 30cm) Strong tack adhesive level The weeding tool tweezer will help you remove the vinyl leftover efficiently Easy-to-use Self Adhesive Vinyl--- The adhesive vinyl is pre-cut 12x10, ready to use with Cricut mats or Silhouette cutting mats. The decal vinyl sheets, made of durable PVC with specially-formulated adhesion, will stick strongly and won't be peeled of So, in this way that we're using Pixscan, all we're doing is doing it so that we get this this into silhouette studio in the right size. We're not actually going to cut on this mat although you can, that's a whole different tutorial. Okay. Once it's in Silhouette Studio again, you trace it, you create your cut line. Okay, Then you Take that design

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Silhouette 12in x 12in Strong Hold Cutting Mat. Product Size: CUT-MAT-12ST. $14.99. 14 reward points. Add to cart. Silhouette 12in x 24in Cutting Mat. Product Size: CUT-MAT-24-3T. $19.99 Weeding vinyl is the process of removing the excess vinyl (negative space) from your design after it has been cut with your Silhouette, Cricut or other personal cutting machine. WEEDING TIPS TIP 1 Keep your vinyl on the mat. Unless you are using a light pad, keep your vinyl on the mat while weeding.. To clean the mat simply hold the scale firmly at the bottom of the mat and slide it to the top while pressing gently. The sides of the scale form the perfect angle for removing the paper. As an added bonus the scale can be used to press paper or other material firmly to the mat. Hope this helps extend the usefulness of your Silhouette mat Step 1: Prepare Your Mat in Silhouette Studio. Even though it is possible to cut a large design with a 12x12 mat, using a 12x24 cuts your time and effort in half. To use a 12x24 mat in Silhouette Studio you will want to open your Page Setup panel on the left side of your screen after loading your design

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If the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape, simply burnish the vinyl onto the surface again. Then continue to peel the transfer tape away from the vinyl. Tip: When removing the vinyl sheet from the mat, peel the mat away from vinyl instead of lifting vinyl from the mat for a smooth release. Premium Vinyl - Removable Kiss Cut Guid Step 2 - Gently spray the sticky spray and cover the outside of the Cricut mat uniformly. Some products will need you to brush a few times, while others work their magic just by the first application. Also, follow directions on the label for the best results. Step 3 - Let the sticky rest and link to the mat's cover properly Luckily, I anticipated that some mat related disaster might befall me and I bought two extra Silhouette mats a few weeks ago. It's true that a few cuts off the main part of your mat won't destroy it like this, unless you're double cutting with a blade set to five (0r above), then you'll have a nifty hanging area for your mat like I do!

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Create a single layer depth on projects with multiple colors. This makes it easier to use different colors of vinyl without having multiple layers. Especially when using glitter vinyl, you can't layer glitter vinyl. I hope this lesson was useful! Now it is time to open up Silhouette Studio and try it out For both machines/software, the following instructions are the same. Load your vinyl/mat and hit cut. Once the test cut is complete, unload your mat or vinyl, remove your sheet from the mat if you are using one. You want to feel the back of the sheet to make sure that the cut didn't go all the way through the carrier sheet When I got the kit, I opened it up and found 2 sheets of flocked heat transfer vinyl (white and yellow), 3 sheets of smooth heat transfer vinyl (black, hot pink and turquoise), a weeding tool, a small instruction book, a instructional DVD and a card with a code to download 10 free designs from the Silhouette store

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A reader wants to remove the stain from this vinyl place mat. To do so, try immersing the mat in a bleach bath with a few drops of hand dishwashing detergent, says Greg Epperson, technical. Aligning the Mat. When loading the mat into your Cameo, the left edge of the mat should be aligned with the alignment marking on the far left of the machine. On the original Cameo, the marking is the same color as the base of the machine (grey), but it is blue on the Cameo 2 and Cameo 3. If you are using a Portrait, center the mat under the. Step 6: Cut the vinyl. You don't have to cut the vinyl, you can load the vinyl, still on the roll, right into the machine, however I like to cut it down to size. Once you've cut the vinyl to the correct size, load it into the Silhouette, and press the Cut Page button on the computer. Then watch it to its magic 2. Align and Load Cutting Mat. Line up the edge of the cutting mat up with the guideline on the left side. Your mat should now have an equal margin on either side of the pinch rollers. If your mat slides under the pinch rollers without resistance, they may not be locked in place. Double check the lever on the right of the machine Hi Lily, I have wasted so much time & vinyl since the update to Silhouette Designer 4.1. Everything I did cut through the material & mat. I contacted Silhouette Support & they wanted me to make a video & send to them. Seriously I can't that. So I have been on mission without their help. I used the EasyWeed settings above & was perfect