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The above gallery uses the Justified gallery layout, and the lightbox has a dark theme with custom colors for the controls and control hover. You can see the lightbox captions at work in this demo as well. It uses a Masonry gallery layout, with the thumbnail strip on the side Lightbox, Captions and Icons Features. Gallery has all the necessary features that you need to create amazing photo galleries - lightbox, caption and icons and many more. Lightbox Feature allows you to look through images in the original size. The lightbox themes include the navigation control with thumbnails of images, which greatly. Docs of vanilla js lightbox. This section is about: captions. To display captions at the bottom of slides you can use data-caption property Show caption in lightbox. Resolved sicco. (@sicco) 1 year, 4 months ago. Currently you can only show image captions overlayed on the thumbnails. I'm using small thumbnails so this doesn't work because there is too little space

Enable the caption under the image, type it in then save. Make sure your text shows up in lightbox, I use the dark background. Then go back edit the image and change to don't show the caption, but don't erase the text, save again. The text will now show only when the image is in the lightbox When displaying an image/gallery in a Lightbox, the caption shows up towards the bottom third. That looks great but obscures whatever is covered up and is undesirable when text is behind

1) The image title and caption would show in whitespace underneath the photo instead of over the bottom of the photo (thereby shrinking the lightbox photo a bit I guess to accommodate this) OR 2) If you could make the caption show permanently in the left hand details bar without customer having to click the expand/show details option Add a data-lightbox attribute to any image link to enable Lightbox. For the value of the attribute, use a unique name for each image. For example: Optional: Add a data-title attribute if you want to show a caption. Add a data-alt attribute if you want to set the alt attribute of the linked image. Image sets Also, I've searched the forums for providing captions on Lightbox images. The last I could find was from July 2019. We are now in July 2020. Has this feature been implemented? I'd really like to incorporate captions into my designs. Let me know if you need my read-only link Captions always display when you hover over lightbox images, regardless of which caption display option you choose. On mobile, they display when you tap the dot icon . If you add clickthrough URLs and enable lightbox, clicking the image opens the lightbox instead of the URL Upon activating the addon, you can go ahead and create an image gallery with lightbox captions. Step 3: Create an Image Gallery in WordPress. To create your photo gallery, simply go to Envira Gallery » Add New and type in a title for your image gallery. Then, drag and drop the images in the Native Envira Gallery section

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  1. Captions/title content in lightbox essential for portfolio website image gallery. I'd like to see an Elementor Pro Image Gallery and lightbox Overlay caption, or show caption below image, or sticky caption bottom of page Caption show/hide on rollover option Adjust image paddin
  2. August 27, 2013 To delete the captions in jquery lightbox google map. Dear Support, How can I make the caption (in template Noir) invisible? Deleting the title= or/and style='max-width:90%' alt= data is not the solution. July 16, 2013 Jquery lightbox html page autoplay. Dear Support, I'm using a number of your software programs
  3. CAPTIONS - Exclusive! On my Tumblr blog and my Pinterest boards I post cuckold / hotwife themed captions, many created by me and also many reposted by other bloggers. Here is a gallery of captions ONLY FOUND HERE. Don't be shy! Feel free to repost on your blogs if you like
  4. Simple lightbox. SimpleLightbox is lightweight and responsive lightbox library with no dependencies. Display images, galleries, videos or custom content and control your lightbox with easy to use api. It weighs less than 3KB. SimpleLightbox tries to delegate most of heavy work to browser native mechanisms. Almost everything regarding layout.
  5. The Poptrox is a lightweight, AJAX ready, responsive and flat design jQuery lightbox with caption. It helps you to create gallery to show images, video (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove), Soundcloud tracks and iframe in popup lightbox
  6. Captions should match the number of images, we can also configure to display or not by having a setting inside the lightbox component and using v-if on the caption div

Therefore, the Lightbox with caption slider does not contain any layers. Animations. If you switch a slide, you can notice a fading animation. This is the main animation of the slider which you can change and customize at the Animations tab of the slider settings. Layout Captions generally display in one of three ways: Caption below - The text displays on the page, below the image. Caption overlay - The text displays over the image, either at all times or only on hover. Lightbox caption overlay - With lightbox enabled, the image appears in a popup when clicked Blogger default image gallery lightbox does not provide an option to display blog post image caption or titles when viewed & triggered by readers. However, Blogger blog users can easily add an alternative image lightbox functionality if require to achieve this Lightbox Image + Lightbox Gallery with Title and Caption for Elementor Tutorial | Piotnet Addons For Elementor - PAFE | Wordpress pluginBuy PAFE PRO https://..

Each lightbox has a way to show corresponding text. It can be above, below or on the photo. The number indicates the different positions they can place captions. Most can show two captions at once, which is preferred. For example, a title and a description for each photo Lightbox. 01/06/2021. Lightbox is an Avada option that allows you to open beautiful, responsive overlay windows, containing images or videos. Below you'll find a detailed description on each Avada Global Option available for the Lightbox, as well as the Lightbox Skins, the Lightbox Element, and the other elements that utilize the Lightbox Captions. Now you can set your lightbox captions to be different from your thumb captions (see the demo below)! You can choose a new title and description, or create custom lightbox captions. Plus, show captions for your lightbox image, thumbnail strip, both, or not at all! You control how and where captions are displayed Flexible Captions. By default, the lightbox viewer uses the link's title attribute as the caption for an image. While this worked without issue for the most part, there were 2 main problems: No fallback - If the link has no title attribute, then no caption is displayed. Not WordPress compatible - When you insert an image into a post using.

Better handling of Lightbox captions when using text links. When using Lightbox2 to display content (image or video) in a lightbox, if you want to have it triggered with a text link, the hover shows the html markup intended for the caption in the lightbox. This is remedied with an img link by supplying a title attribute for the img itself Hey Guys,I want to display a caption in the manosry lightbox gallery, is there a way to do that?TIA

Featherlight Lightbox Captions from figcaption. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 10 months ago. Active 3 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 504 times 0 I'm trying to make the that immediately follows an tag be displayed as the caption in a featherlight gallery. I've found and have working examples of the caption being pulled from the alt or title. [Resolved] Display caption image in lightbox This is the technical support forum for Toolset - a suite of plugins for developing WordPress sites without writing PHP. Everyone can read this forum, but only Toolset clients can post in it. Toolset support works 6 days per week, 19 hours per day

In the Lightbox To add or edit a title, caption, or keywords on a single photo, click the three-line icon for Photo Details in the Lightbox. Click the Edit Photo Details button to add or edit your photo's information. Add the title, caption, and keyword information you want, then click Save to save the information you've entered V2 is here! Pretty Vue.js lightbox inspired by fancybox with zoom, swipe, captions and videos supported. Important: loop only works when effect is swip Create A Lightbox. The following example combines code from Modals and Slideshows to create the lightbox This will hide the captions in the Lightbox, but allow it to display the captions on Photo Details. Add that to your theme's custom CSS section. If you don't know how to do that, there is a tutorial in my signature. /** * Hides Captions in Lightbox *****/ .sm-user-ui .sm-button-label p {display: none;

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  1. 1.4.0 - Caption Attribute can now be what, you want, or data-title. Fixed some small issues 1.3.1 - Bugfix: disable keyboard control if lightbox is closed 1.3.0 - Added current index indicator/counter 1.2.0 - Added option for captions attribute (title or data-title) 1.1.2 - Bugfix for looping images 1.1.1 - Bugfix for loading indicator and.
  2. Image optimization. To ensure the proper performance of the page, it is recommended to include thumbnails of images in the src attribute. Then in the data-mdb-img attribute add the path to the image with higher resolution. If the data-mdb-img attribute is omitted, the lightbox will display the same image as in the reduced size
  3. How to Caption a Lightbox with Video This is a Webflow lightbox with a video link. Notice that Webflow doesn't support captions for video/media embed in a lightbox. This is the same lightbox as above, but with caption displayed below. Method. We are going to be using JavaScript to insert a caption based on the lightbox's custom attribute data.
  4. Caption allows you to hide or reveal your photo captions while in Lightbox viewing mode. Keywords lets you hide or reveal your photo keywords while in Lightbox viewing mode. Buy Button Style controls whether your buy button appears as a full button with text, as a shopping cart icon, or as a shopping cart icon button

October 15, 2013 Pure css lightbox with Video LightBox together. Dear Support, I would like to use both (Visual LightBox and Video LightBox)on the same page. October 24, 2013 One image on a page that is a link to launch css lightbox gallery. How your light box, and most others works is, you click on a photo and it pops up the light box. You can't add captions to multi-image lightboxes. I'll show a workaround for this.Join the Pixel Geek Community:https://pixelgeek.communityWant to support my.. lightbox layout adjustments for video and image captions; 2015-12-21. initialisation work centralised and delegated to init method; 2015-12-11. UI adjustments for loading image use case; 2015-10-27. Adjusted before destroy hook; 2015-10-14. Adjusted before close hook; 2015-09-17. update close button css; 2015-08-24. append target updated; css. The lightbox script is not configured to look for the caption of the masonry content, only the title attribute. This is how the lightbox works ever since. If you want to confirm it, edit the js > avia-snippet-lightbox.js file and look for this code around line 43 FAQs Q: How can I get my images to open in the lightbox? A: Please edit the gallery and the select the blue pencil icon to edit image. On the Edit Metadata screen, verify you have a URL inside the URL field.. If you want the image to link to itself, just select the Media File button, scroll down to click the Save Metadata and you're all set

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  1. Lightbox 2.03a is intended to link the entire caption, which is taken from the lightbox link's title attribute. It (the title/caption) is linked to the URL given in the rel attribute of the lightbox link. There's no target, and no provision for an image tag. Neither is there a data-title attribute
  2. Lightbox2 is a simple and useful script which can be used to overlay your images or photos on top of the current web page. It also can be used as an Image Gallery or a Slideshow that the users are able to switch between images in the same group. Dead simple to use and without the need of writing any JS code
  3. The lightbox component is fully responsive and supports touch and swipe navigation, as well as mouse drag for desktops. When swiping between slides the animation literally sticks at your fingertip or mouse cursor. Clicking fast on the previous and next navigation, will make animations even accelerate to keep up with your pace
  4. Inline Gallery. With lightGallery you can create both inline and lightBox galleries. You can create inline gallery by passing the container element via container option. All the lightBox features are available in inline gallery as well. inline gallery can be converted to the lightBox gallery by clicking on the maximize icon on the toolbar
  5. How to Enable Closed Captions on Paramount+ on Computer and Mobile Web Browser. Launch the Paramount Plus app. Select the content you want to play. While the video is playing, locate the CC icon at the top-right corner of the video player. To turn on closed captions, tap the option under the Subtitles section
  6. The Squarespace lightbox with text will allow you to have text be hyperlinked to a lightbox and the lightbox will display text only. A good example of where you may want to use this is for a person's bio. For this example, we are going to have a lightbox that displays the bio for John Smith. For a demo of this, scroll to the bottom of this page

When 'bottom', the caption is on the bottom of the screen independent to the image size. images: various: false: When passed an array, slick lightbox doesn't scan the elements for image URLs and uses array's values instead. useHistoryApi: boolean: false: When true, opening the lightbox does a history.pushState html css lightbox caption. Share. Follow edited Oct 30 '17 at 8:07. Pedram. 13.1k 7 7 gold badges 35 35 silver badges 65 65 bronze badges. asked Oct 30 '17 at 8:04. Chris Chris. 33 1 1 silver badge 7 7 bronze badges. Add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 0 Use. Lightbox. Choose your lightbox configuration (Default: Disabled / use third party lightbox) CAPTIONS Captions As title attribute Overlay Overlay: show on mouse-over Overlay: hide on mouse-over Don't show captions Custom style Choose how you want the captions to be displayed Open WordPress video with subtitles in lightbox popup. Last updated on May 11, 2020. This tutorial will guide you how to open an HTML5 video with subtitles in WordPress lightbox popup. There are 2 steps in this tutorial: Step 1 - Install Wonder Lightbox. Step 2 - Enable video lightbox and add video subtitle .vtt file Lightbox Gallery Masonry With Title and Caption, Thumbnail, Custom Size. Lightbox Image Gallery 1. Lightbox Image Gallery 1 Caption. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo 1. Lightbox Image Gallery 2. Lightbox Image Gallery 1 Caption

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  1. Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. Note: An new version of this script is available: Lightbox JS v2.0
  2. This will put the longer text (the description) to the small part of the PhotoSwipe caption. Also, go to the Lightboxes tab > What text to show inside the lightbox section > WP field for img alt (image tag's alt attribute) and select the Title option. This will place the shorter text (the title) to the large part of the PhotoSwipe caption
  3. Create a lightbox slideshow. Learn how to create a lightbox slideshow, edit the image thumbnails, add captions, and customize the lightbox appearance
  4. Personal - $29 per year. Professional - $69 per year. Business - $149 per year. 4. WordPress Lightbox by Huge-IT. Lightbox by Huge-IT is a nice plugin that comes with a friendly and modern dashboard interface and lots of interesting settings, but only a few are available in the free version

Options. Set instance options by passing a valid object at initialization, or to the public defaults method. Custom options for a specific instance can also be set by attaching a data-lightbox-options attribute to the target elment. This attribute should contain the properly formatted JSON object representing the custom options The lightbox not working properly in amp (mobile) so I have had to turn off the amp settings (add lightbox effect turn off) in image blocks. Lightbox was nice in amp but clicking on any image it shows always the first image in that post. So I turned that setting off. Maybe the caption problem is related to that Simple Lightbox plugin

Simplelightbox. This is the default lightbox effect when you install NextGen Gallery. It includes a counter showing the current image number and the total amount of images loaded in that lightbox in the top left corner, as well as some directional arrows and a close icon. It also includes a caption underneath the photo Home / Topics / Responsive Lightbox / Cannot configure caption in lightbox. Cannot configure caption in lightbox We're here to help. This topic has 0 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 1 week, 2 days ago by romina. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Author. Posts. 18 July 2021 at 23:06 #46840 Link to: Link images to their respective Media Files, Attachment Pages, or None (Media File must be selected if Lightbox is enabled) Lightbox: Choose to display images in a lightbox. If Yes or No is chosen, that selection will override the Global Default Lightbox setting. Caption. Display: Hide or Show Captions (If captions are shown, the.

The only way I've been able to get the captions to display is to configure the Lightbox2 module to use Lightbox2 Lite. (Sorry but I only tried it with the 'rel=lightbox title=caption text' syntax.) The Drupal version is 7.9 and the Lightbox2 module is 7.x-1.0-beta1. Qs: Is a newer release of the 7.x version coming out soon Option to display image metadata in lightbox. Unfortunately, there are limited options for background colors so you can just pick between white or black. 6. NextGen Gallery by Imagely. NextGen Gallery by Imagely is a very popular WordPress plugin that lets you build an awesome WordPress lightbox Hey there! You may want to try having the caption set to appear in the lightbox, rather than in the thumbnail itself. If you'd like the text to be below and outside the image, it may also be better to use a separate Text element for it entirely

Slimbox 2. Slimbox 2 is a 4 KB visual clone of the popular Lightbox 2 script by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the jQuery javascript library. This jQuery lightbox plugin was designed to be very small, efficient, standards-friendly, fully customizable, more convenient and 100% compatible with the original Lightbox 2 Demo page. This page contains various setups of slick lightbox. Defaul Lightbox Plus implements ColorBox as a lightbox image overlay tool for WordPress. ColorBox was created by Jack Moore of Color Powered and is licensed under the MIT License . Lightbox Plus permits users to view larger versions of images without having to leave the current page, and is also able to display simple slide shows prettyPhoto is a jQuery lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also support for videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and ajax. It's a full blown media lightbox

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For example, you can show or hide the Previous button, Next button, Captions, and Counter. For the lightbox display, it is helpful to enable the Close button. Check the checkbox next to the Close Button option. A Close button (with an X) appears in the upper right corner of the slideshow In the caption field, type out your text and select the text you want to link. Then click the link button to open a new popup to enter the link information and if the link should open in a new window. Once you've added the link click Add Link button and the popup will close. Now that you've added the link, click the Load in Lightbox. The caption's placement varies from lightbox to lightbox, so you might want to check on these settings after choosing a different lightbox. If you don't wish to use captions at all, because you don't set any text on the pictures then you can turn these settings off. It prevents the filename-derived title from showing in the lightbox

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  1. The Simple Lightbox WordPress plugin (an example shown below) will automatically resize correctly on all screen resolutions (is responsive), and allows for back and forth photo navigation. I especially like that you can upload any number of photos/images at one time, add captions and rearrange their order of appearance in WordPress's native.
  2. This customisation displays the caption and title of your photos underneath the photo area in the lightbox, so that your customers don't have to hover over the caption in order to read it. If your caption is long, you can view it by scrolling the whole page, instead of scrolling just the small default caption box, which is much less fiddly
  3. I have given the images titles in the media library - caption and description areas as well - but they do not show up under the videos in lightbox. I do not want titles/excerpts under the images, only in the lightbox under the videos. Is that possible? Thanks for taking a look Nancy. This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by Munford
  4. Related. September 13, 2013 Alts and titles of images in jquery lightbox gallery. I have just bought the full version, it's pretty slick and very easy to embed into a site.. October 12, 2013 Clickable images in lightbox popup jquery. I wanted to have some internal links on the enlarged view of the VisualLightbox gallery and wondered if there was a way to modify the script code by hand to let.
  5. Home › Forums › Kadence Blocks › Links in Lightbox Captions? This topic is: not resolved . In Progress. Posted in: Kadence Blocks Scott. June 14, 2021 at 1:07 pm #266406. HTML doesn't show in the lightbox unfortunately. Thank you in advance, Scott. Please Login to continue. If you do not have an account you can register here
  6. 1. Search 'Captions' via the search button within Lightbox.co.nz or the Lightbox app. 2. Find the 'Captions' carousel on the Home and TV pages within Lightbox.co.nz or the Lightbox app. 3. By hovering over the show tile, it will include the words 'Captioned' next to the genre: 4. Displayed on the show page next to the genre

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Related. January 16, 2013 Question instead of images in lightbox jquery plugin. Hi, support! When publishing the slideshow to my website I only see question marks and a link t.... February 18, 2013 Different thumbnails and images in lightbox jquery examples. Great! Thank you for the information - I've upgraded and am presently looking at your other great products The lightbox works great, but the captions don't show, only the image title. I would like the title AND caption to show, or just the caption. I have read in some of the topic forums that it's because my images don't exist as a WP gallery Is it possible to add copy or a caption to the mdb pro angular lightbox modal window? if so howthanks <style>.woocommerce-product-gallery{ opacity: 1 !important; }</style> Suppor Captions only visible in lightbox Status: Archived Submitted by LC2 on ‎10-03-2017 02:34 PM. It would be great to have an option to show image captions only when clicked and opened in lightbox. I see this is an option in gallery mode, and while I tried to use that feature instead of single images, it lacks a single column option. So really.

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Link in Lightbox Caption. Mountain Range. Foggy Forest. Backpacking. Lake and Mountain View. alps-clouds-daylight-415958. Build Beautiful Galleries in minutes, not hours. Get Envira Gallery Now . Envira Gallery Blog & Resources. 18 Best Photography Books Ever . A Beginner's Guide To Avoiding Common Camera Settings Mistakes CMS Lightbox Captions The new CMS Lightbox Gallery feature is fantastic, but one area that I feel it is lacking in is the ability to offer a CMS Caption field to be displayed within the gallery. Andrew Vaugha

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Learn how to add HTML links in captions for images in WordPress using FooGallery and the FooBox lightbox plugins Click the thumbnail below to open the lightbox. This demo includes the optional .lightbox-caption element, which adds an image caption You'll notice that you can share the image on several social networks once the lightbox is open. This feature is included in FooBox Pro and uses deep linking to share not just the page or the gallery, but a specific image.. You will also see the caption appear at the bottom of the image - with FooGallery you can choose whether captions, titles, descriptions, or alt text are used here Update #2: Lightbox. If you have added a Lightbox effect to your image, this will make the lightbox not work. To correct this, add the following code to Design > Custom CSS. Note: You cannot have a link caption and lightbox. In order for lightbox to work, you will need to remove any image links For now, PhotoSwipe does not support caption out of box, example below shows how to add it via API

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Closed Caption icon not clickable on Lightbox layer. By Katelin J. I have closed captioning on a slide with a lightbox layer. There does not appear to be a way to click the icon to show it when a lightbox layer is open. Is this really true? Also, why can't I open the notes in lightbox mode???? Reply This gallery shows various setups to convey that it is able to go beyond the usual thumbnail-to-lightbox photo gallery. Note the creative use of four available captions, different video options and custom link usage. Learn more about Video gallery support and Custom links Hi, I am having the same problem. If I tried to open a lightbox with an image, even the image is located in the same folder, it doesnt display it, just the default view (a camera picture), but on the other way, if I do it with a web link, it works perfectly, what am I doing wrong? GitHub - deoostfreese/Parvus: An accessible, open-source image lightbox with no dependencies. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more . If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and.

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Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a lightbox style that floats overtop of web page. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page. Lightbox Evolution 2 Pop Up Gallery Plugin Add an image or video popup gallery to your site! Add to cart: $29 Sample Gallery Video Tutorials Features Lightbox Popup Gallery Responsive Video popup embed! Image title option Row height and margin options Google fonts Font: Style, color, size and weight options Color overlays Animation captions Shortcode parser for HTML.. Lightbox ads responsively combine your ad assets -- like videos, image galleries, and maps -- to fill available ad spaces. Lightbox ads may contain multiple videos, image galleries, or combinations of these. This article explains how to set up and edit Lightbox ads. For a product overview, start with About Lightbox ads FooGallery Free includes 6 gallery templates! Check out the demos below. This is a simple, but effective WordPress photo gallery. This template lets you view a gallery from within your page. Create an interesting tiled effect, while showing off your landscape images. This gallery is ideal for lots of portrait photos

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It also features a spotlight caption and the lightbox. This is a caption for the first image. This is a caption for the second image. This is a caption for the third image. This is a caption for the fourth image. Slider Example 2. This is an image slider where the image stays left during the effect PrettyPhoto is a very popular jQuery lightbox which fulfills most needs, especially the one bundled in JIG. The plugin comes with a customized version which has really good social sharing options and smart deeplinking. Lots of people are familiar with its layout as it's used on many sites all around the net. It's decent and free Soliloquy's lightbox addon takes advantage of browsers that support native fullscreen mode and allows you to display your slider lightbox in a beautiful, large viewing area. Once activated, the lightbox addon enables tons of customization options for you to choose from. Check out the slider below for a lightbox demonstration Bootstrap Image Gallery. This is an extension to Blueimp lightbox image gallery, which is a touch-enabled responsive bootstrap gallery. It provides swipe, mouse and keyboard navigation to the image gallery html, and extends it with different transition effects, fullscreen functionality, and on-demand content loading

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Change the close icon. Check the code contained in the HTML Embed Component below. (First Clone this site using the link in the Navbar ↑, then open this page in the Designer and double click on the striped area below. Or just grab the line of code below.) code. .w-lightbox-close { background-image: url (URL_OF_THE_NEW_IMAGE)!important; Caption outside of the HTML5 Gallery. June 8, 2014 jQuery Photo Gallery, jQuery Video Gallery admin. Question: I'm wanting to have the titles outside the videos/images - not over the top as they are by default. I was just trying to do this by CSS with a margin-top:-60px; but this makes the title disappear as it's then outside the .html5gallery. Wonder Lightbox - WordPress Lightbox Plugin Updated on April 26, 2021 Wonder Lightbox is the best WordPress lightbox plugin to display images and videos in a lightbox popup or lightbox gallery. The plugin supports images, Flash SWF movies, PDF, YouTube, Vimeo, mp4 and webm videos. It's fully responsive, works o

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Caption Below Image of Lightbox. With the update of UAE v1.17.0, you will now be able to add a caption below the Lightbox Image. Also, you will be set Color, Typography, and also manage the Caption bottom spacing respective to the Image. You can find this option from Content (tab) > Lightbox > Show Caption Below Image Created by. Eric Clough. Eric Clough. 231 backers pledged $25,099 to help bring this project to life. icon--calendar icon. icon--calendar. Last updated May 12, 2017. Campaign Rewards FAQ Updates 13 Comments 66 Community. Share this project

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