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Table grape varieties can give a yield of 20, 30, or even 50 tons per hectare (18.000 to 45.000 lbs per acre). However, as we mentioned before, most contemporary table grape varieties can give a good yield for the first 15-17 years of their lives Add the values for the primary and secondary shoots, divide by the number of vines, and the result is the estimated final yield per vine. If the row X vine spacing is 9 X 8, vines per acre = 605. If 10 X 8, vines per acre = 570. Multiply your single vine estimate by the appropriate number and get lbs per acre Yield: Typically, the amount (weight) of fruit over a given spatial area, such as tons of grapes per acre. In some cases, yield refers to the amount of fruit on an individual vine (see Crop load). Usually a generalized target number; it may or may not be related to the vineyard's ability to produce fruit

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  1. Table 1. Costs Per Acre To Establish A Vineyard. Table 2. Costs Per Acre To Produce Wine Grapes Table 3. Costs And Returns Per Acre To Produce Wine Grapes Table 4. Monthly Cash Costs Per Acre To Produce Wine Grapes Table 5. Whole Farm Annual Equipment, Investment And Business Overhead Costs Table 6. Hourly Equipment Costs Table 7. Ranging Analysi
  2. •N in the annual growth of vines ranged from ~ 100 to 200 lbs. per acre •Approximately 30 to 40% of the N in annual growth was partitioned to fruit and should be replaced •N in the irrigation water and soil profile should be considered in deciding how much to apply
  3. Table Grape yields are measured in 19 pound boxes in the industry, with the average vineyard yielding 800-900 boxes per acre, with an average of $12-14 per box. This makes table grapes the highest grossing type of grape in the Central Valley, but as mentioned earlier, the development cost on table grape vineyards is extremely high
  4. Muscadine grape production area in North Carolina. 6 Table 1. Cost Per Acre for Materials Number Needed Cost Cost Materials Needed (Per Acre) ($ Per Item) ($ Per Acre) Treated 4 x 8 Posts 218 posts 4.14 902.52 Treated 6 x 8' Posts 84* posts 7.80 655.2
  5. Tons of Grapes per Hectare/Acre Calculate grape yield in tons, volume of wine in hectolitres and the amount of bottles your vineyard produces. Establish the average weight of the grapes on the vines by weighing the amount of grapes of several vines, adding the weights together and dividing this by the amount of vines sampled

The tables will be organized as follows: Table A-1 through A-18 in the General file. Table B-1 through B-33 in the Noncitrus Fruit file. Table C-1 through C-30 in the Citrus Fruit file. Table D-1 through D-10 in the Berries file. Table E-1 through E-19 in the Melons file. Table F-1 through F-18 in the Tree Nuts file On the other hand, medium and low-quality winemaking varieties can give 20-40 tons per hectare or even more, but they cannot be marketed at a high price. Table grape varieties can give a yield of 20-50 tons per hectare. You can click on the following links and read more on each of the growing grape cultivation techniques It is understood from Table 1 that the marginal farmers produced 2,209 kgs of grape and earned Rs.13,183 per acre while their net returns per acre were Rs.3881. In the case of small farmers, the yield per acre was 2,085 kgs and they realised Rs.12,758 per acre as gross returns while their net return per acre was Rs.3,022 The average yield obtained from a grape vineyard is around 20 to 33 tonnes per hectare in the second or third year of planting. The yield increases in the subsequent years. The life of a grapevine is 15 years and the production and harvest are expected during the entire life span. Grape farming project report - post-harvest managemen

  1. shown in Table 1. Logically, in production males produce more than females do. The mean for male smallholder farmers was 1480 kilograms of grapes per acre per year cultivated under mean of 1.72 acres. The female small holder farmers obtained a mean of 2000 kilogram of grape produce acre per year cultivated under mean of 1.60 acre
  2. actuarial table; They are grown on vines and have reached the number of growing seasons designated by the special provisions after being set out or grafted; and They have produced an average of at least 150 lugs of table grapes per acre in at least 1 of the most recent 3 crop years in the actual production history base period
  3. GRAPE . 1. INTRODUCTION . Grape (Vitis sp.) belonging to Family Vitaceae is a commercially important fruit crop of India. It is a temperate crop which has got adapted to sub-tropical climate of peninsular India. 2. OBJECTIVE . The primary objective of this exercise is to support commercial cultivation of grapes by projecting a one acre bankable model project
  4. The formula for estimating yield of all three methods uses different systems, but all are based on (a) the number of bearing vines per acre, (b) the number of clusters per vine and (c) most noticeably, cluster weight (Hellman & Casteel, 2003; Wolpert & Vilas, 1992)
  5. The last table was a total summary of the above tables adding value of production and price per ton. To answer the question of this post, I summarized the data in the tables to the following table. Note that I had to correct the report's totals table because they showed a total of 1,085 acres of non-bearing acres
  6. Production Net Cost Years 0 - 3 (Table 5.A) and Total Amortized Establishment Cost per Acre Beginning in Year 4 and Beyond (Table 5.A) calculation. Investment Cost per Acre to Establish (Table 2, Pg. 162
  7. How much money does an acre of grapes produce? So, for a typical Sonoma County red wine grape variety, if you figure $2,200 a ton and 5 tons to the acre you should get about $11,000 an acre in revenue. Take away our average of $5,000 in costs + $150 per acre for harvest and you get $5,850 per acre in net income

AUGUST 2009 5 FCIC-25490 (TABLE GRAPES) (1) All appraised production as follows. (a) Not less than the production guarantee per acre for acreage: 1 that is abandoned; 2 that is sold by direct marketing if the insured fails to comply with the requirements of the crop provisions pertaining to direct marketing of grape production approximately 30 lb a-1, or 3 lb per ton, of N in order to replenish the losses from the fruit at harvest (Christensen, 2008). Using this formula, a table grape vineyard with an average yield of 1000 (19-lb) boxes per acre, would require approximately 28.5 lb a-1 and the requirement would increase with larger yields on Table Grape Yield Sawtooth Ag Tulare, California USA071718 Sawtooth Ag conducted a replicated trial in Tulare, California to evaluate the impact of Transit Soil® when added to the grower standard program for crimson table grapes. RESEARCH SUMMARY RESULTS 110 Boxes Per Acre Yield Increase (+13%) » Higher yields due to more harvestable bunches A table grape vineyard with a 42 inch crossarm and a seven foot stake will develop a full canopy by mid-June that will shade 75% or more of yields. Many table grape varieties (Thompson Seedless, Flame Seedless, Perlette, Ribier) are Table 3 Gallons Per Acre Per Day for Large Canopy Vineyard 3 Harvest costs include purchase of 1/2 the total number of lugs needed to harvest the expected full crop yield of 5 tons/acre, and harvest costs of $1.25 per 25 lb. lug, or $100 per ton. Expected yield in year 3 is 1/2 expected full crop yield. 4 Income based on harvest of 2.5 tons of grapes and a price of $500/ton

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  1. e the number of producing vines per acre, do an annual count. If the.
  2. Average yields for Pinot Noir will be a little lower and most white grape varieties a little higher. So, for a typical Sonoma County red wine grape variety, if you figure $2,200 a ton and 5 tons to the acre you should get about $11,000 an acre in revenue. Take away our average of $5,000 in costs + $150 per acre for harvest and you get $5,850.
  3. Grape producers should monitor their crops nutrient status with periodic soil testing and In areas where the production is primarily for table or other uses, a split application is sometimes recommended. applied at 200 gal. per acre is recommended as a corrective measure
  4. How many grapes can you grow on 1 acre? So 1 ton of grapes yields about 60 cases or 720 bottles. If you put all that together, a very low-yielding vineyard that produces 2 tons per acre makes about 1,440 bottles, or 120 cases, while an acre that yields 10 tons produces about 7,200 bottles, or 600 cases
  5. (6) have produced an average of at least 150 lugs of table grapes per acre (or otherwise provided in the SP) in at least one of the most recent three CYs immediately preceding the insured CY, unless the AIP inspects and allows insurance on acreage that has not produced this amount
  6. Table Page . 1 Costs per Acre to Establish a Vineyard 2 Costs per Acre to Produce Wine Grapes low yields or to protect wineries from high yields. A price of $22,750 per acre is comparable to charging $6,500 per ton with 3.5 tons per acre of crop. This per acre price will likely be th

Virginia ranks ninth in commercial grape production. Current acreage is about 2360 acres, about 1900 of which is bearing (2004); the average yield per acre in Virginia in 2003 was 1.89 tons.Most of this acreage is planted to wine grape varieties, though some of the longer-standing vineyards are composed of table grapes For grapes that will end up as wine, I will refine that number to what I believe to be a reasonable average of four tons per acre. It's very tempting to dig deeper regarding tons per acre vs. pounds per meter of leaf area and all of the arguments grape growers and winemakers can have about yield, crop load, quality, profitability and more.

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Idaho Grape Production by Mir-M. Seyedbagheri, Tony McCammon, and Esmaeil Fallahi common wine grapes, and some vari-eties of table grapes. However, grapes are than 2 tons of compost per acre unless there is a strong need for reclamation of the soil. I Table 1. Estimated Grape Producer Profitability Summary: Kentucky, 2016 Variety Estimated Establishment Cost (Cash outlays until Positive Cash flows are generated) -per acre-Estimated Annual Return to Land, Labor, & Management (Full Production) -per acre-Estimated Present Value of 10-Year Cumulative Return (5% Discount Rate) -per acre Inland Desert Nursery, with just 3.5 acres of table grapes, is likely the largest table grape grower in Washington. Although the nursery's primary goal in growing table grapes is to supply clean plant material to nurseries and growers, Inland Desert's Kevin Judkins says table grapes may have potential for commercial growers in the state The Marquis variety also did well, yielding 4,341 pounds per acre, compared with 4,295 in 2007. Lakemont yielded well too at 4,256 pounds per acre, compared with 970 in 2007. Booth prefers the Marquis variety, because it produces large, white grapes that are good for making raisins. When I dehydrated it, it was like a golden white, she says

Table F-12 Macadamias: Acreage, yield per acre, production (in-shell), season-average grower Table A-1--U.S. per capita use of selected, commercially produced, fresh, and processing fruit and tree nuts, 1976 to date Market characteristics. Chile, Peru, the United States, China, Turkey, Spain, South Africa and Australia are all major producers and exporters of table grapes. World table grape production in 2016 is estimated by the USDA to be in the region of 21.0 million metric tons per annum, China alone accounting for an estimated 9.7 million metric tons of this global total ton per acre range. Young mature vines someti mes yield as high as eight to ten tons per acre. Wholesale prices for wine and proce ssing cultivars is currently about $400 per ton. With a typical yield of five tons per acre, pr ofit margins at $400 per ton are tight. If higher yields or higher prices can be realized, profit potential is much. Production Costs Per Acre. The estimated total cost to produce an acre of raisin grapes in 1997 was $2,114 per acre ($1286/ac operating costs, $184/ac cash overhead costs, and $645/ac non-cash investment costs) (44)

the third year of establishment a yield of 5 tons per acre is achieved, half of the full pro-duction level. The fourth year, the Concord grape vineyard produces a yield of 10 tons per acre. Each subsequent year the yield is maintained at 10 tons per acre. The price the grower receives, based on this study's assump-tions, is $190 per ton Table grapes: how to speed up production in new vines. By Glenneis Kriel . January 11, 2018 at 3:02 pm But earlier production has become a trend in many of the leading table grape-producing regions of the world, from Chile to California in the US, according to Warren Influence of trunk-girdle timing and ethephon on the packable yield (lugs per acre) of 'Crimson Seedless' table grapes. Ethephon improves color Improving berry color is the principal challenge for increasing the packable fruit yield and quality of 'Crimson Seedless'

production of table grapes. The relationship between the CWSI at irrigation and the number of packed boxes (grades 1 and 2) was lower with r = 0.7125. Preliminary results, through harvest only, for 1990 are presented in Table 2. The highest number of packed boxes (grades 1, 2, and 3) were attained when irrigations were scheduled at a CWSI of 0. Seedless' grapes are used as table grapes and can be crushed for the production of lower-quality wine products [4, 6]. Table Grapes The table grape area has been relatively constant in California since the 1920s, ranging from 60,000 to 120,000 acres (Figure 1) [12]. Initially produced mainly for local consumption, shipments of table grapes to th The quantity of production to count for table grape production damaged by insurable causes within the insurance period that is marketed for any use other than table grapes will be determined by multiplying the greater of (1) the value of the table grapes per ton or (2) $50, by the number of tons and dividing that result by the highest price. Yield expectations for a mature muscadine planting using the bilateral cordon training system range from about 4 tons per acre for fresh fruit up to about 8 tons per acre for wine production. Pests While muscadines have resistance to certain pest problems such as phylloxera and Pierce's disease , other diseases such as bitter rot , black rot. Cultivating grape is one of the most profitable farming practice in the world. According to the market prices from one acre of land you can earn up to 7 lakhs Indian Rupees. However higher yield, quality and demand results in good profit. And in this article you are going to learn all the important factors that can make you a successful grape.

to 8-ton per acre yield levels, grapes should compete effectively with the annual crops produced in the area. The analysis indicated that a grape industry could contribute to the profitability of Idaho agriculture, depending on the variety of grapes grown and their adaptation to Idaho climatic conditions (Michalson 1975). Objective The demand for consumption of table grapes has been increased in last few decades. In U.S., the consumption of table grapes has also been increased from 1970 to 2003. The increased rate of consumption ranges from 2.9 pounds per capita in 1970 to 7.5 pounds in 2003 (Boriss et al., 2006). China's grape Among the fruits, the grape occupies first position in the world in respect of area and production. In Pakistan, grape is an important being one of the cash crops. In 2009-2010, total area under grapes was 15300 ha with total production 64700 t and national yield of 4.2 t ha -1 (Government of Pakistan, 2009-10) In most of Europe, yield is measured in hectoliters per hectare, i.e., by the volume of wine.In most of the New World, yield is measured in tonnes per hectare (or short tons per acre in the USA) - i.e. by mass of grapes produced per unit area.. Due to differing winemaking procedures for different styles of wine, and different properties of different grape varieties, the amount of wine. 7.0-14.0 fl oz (soil) 2.4-3.2 fl oz. 3.2-6.4 fl oz. 6.0-8.0 fl oz. If mealybugs were a problem by harvest in the previous year. If a delayed dormant spray does not provide adequate control, a summer application may be made. Movento prebloom only in table grapes. Grape scale. Dormant oil

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Cherries assume yields average 8,000 pounds per acre and workers pick 100 pounds an hour: There were 1.1 million acres of grapes, including 83,000 bearing acres of table grapes in 2019: Oranges assume 240 boxes per acre and workers pick 12 boxes an hour: Peaches are based on a 2017 Cost Study: Strawberries assume 7,000 trays per acre and. in India. Although the area under grapes has expanded at a rate of 9 percent per annum over the 2000s, production and yields have remained stagnant over the past two decades. Of this production, 87 percent was used as table grade, 10 percent dried, 2 percent for juice and 1 percent for wine (Figure 1)

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The average cited yield for Yquem is 9 hl/ha, which equals 1.2 t/ha of grapes. Planting density isn't known, but its immediate neighbours have 7,000 vines/ha. That would give a yield per vine of 171 grams of fruit, which will produce around 0.12 litres of wine - very close to the standard small glass size of 125 ml. Rare indeed! Yield - highes Table, juice, jelly: Early ripening. Blue-seeded table grape with a juice, jelly mild Concord-like flavor. Disease resistant. Edelweiss* 1977: Table, wine: Large-clustered, white-seeded table grape with a wine Concord-like flavor. May need winter protection. Swenson Red* 1977: Table: Red-seeded table grape with refreshing flavor and crisp texture Table 2. Yield of selected vegetable and small fruit high tunnel crops. Lewis Jett. Personal Communication. Crop Average yield/sq ft (no. or lb) Estimated Total Yield per High Tunnel (no. or lb) Beans, snap bush 0.5 lb 1,000 lb Beets 5 beets 1,600 bunches Broccoli 0.4 lb 670 bunches Carrots 16 carrots 2,600 bunches Cucumbers 3.5 lb 7,000 l TABLE GRAPES Figure 1. Grape yield at harvest. The use of BRIO resulted in 3 additional tons per acre compared to the Liquid Seaweed treat-ment. Figure 2. Grape Brix at harvest. BRIO resulted in higher Brix lev-els than the use of Liquid Seaweed. FIGURES PLANT RESPONSE When BRIO was foliar applied in table grapes, yield in the plot According to the 2002 Pennsylvania Orchard and Vineyard Survey, Pennsylvania has 250 commercial vineyards comprised of 11,000 acres of grapes, which produce an average of 5.8 tons per acre for a total production of over 63,600 tons of grapes. The industry generates an almost $15 million income for commercial vineyards

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producing table grapes in 2018 (Figure 4). All else constant, minimum wage growing to $15 per hour in 2022 could increase grape labor costs by 36% and swell labor's share of total costs to 64%. An increasingly important operating cost for table grape producers is water—totaling about $528 per acre and 3% of the total cost in 2018 In Southwest Florida, production costs for processed oranges, on a per-box basis, have increased from $3.17 in 2003-2004 to $12.71 in 2016-2017 — a 300% increase. During the same period, due to the decrease in supply (and as economic theory predicts), prices per box increased by approximately 200%

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MSU WARC is conducting research in cold-hardy grapes that are adapted to favorable sites in Montana to support the growing vineyard and winery industry in the state. There are currently 53 vineyards planted in Montana, with over 25,000 vines. WARC, in partnership with the Montana Wine and Grape Association, is studying pruning, control of. A report from UC Davis noted mechanical pruning in wine grape vineyards reduced labor costs by 90 percent, increased grape yields and had no impact on the berry's anthocyanin content. One of the research sites was an eight-acre portion of a 53-acre block of 20-year-old Merlot vines in Madera County. The field study took place over three.

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Italy had by far the largest area (39 700 ha) dedicated to table grapes, followed by Spain (about 12 500 ha), Romania (about 5 200 ha) and then Bulgaria (about 2 700 ha). In all of these table grapeing countries more than one half of the table grape area was densely planted (with more than 1 500 vines/ha) (Figure 8) Weighted Average. 10.1. 7.88 - 12.5. Values for table grapes can be derived from the values for raisins by adjusting for the higher moisture content at harvest (on average 80.9%). Using this adjustment, the N removed per ton of harvested table grapes averages 2.26 lbs N/ton, ranging between 1.78-2.81 lbs N/ton [5] The objective of this research is to determine if higher rates than commonly used in desert grape production continue to increase early maturity, and if they are cost effective. With growers currently spending nearly $40 per acre on Gibb applications, the result of this study could have a significant economic impact on the Arizona grape industry At 1,361 vines per acre, only 6.61 pounds of fruit per vine are required to produce 4.5 tons per acre at maturity. Larger yields per vine would be required to maintain 4.5 tons per acre at lower densities with smaller per vine yields required if planting density was increased. The vineyard is cane pruned, requiring tying Strawberry Yield Data 2015. Table 1 and 2 are yield data from our research plots at the Piedmont Research Station in Salisbury and at the Central Crops Research Station in Clayton, NC. We had plant loss to disease early in the season, so Albion, Camarosa, Sweet Charlie and Chandler yields are not as robust as we would like

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If you lose just one production year because of one tiny mistake, you can be throwing $3,000 to $4,000 per acre out the window on that lost production, he said. Growers should count on spending $25,000 to $30,000 per acre before seeing a return with any variety, Robert said $1,150 per acre with 10 acre blocks of vines. Based upon eight years of data from trials in Fredonia, NY, in the Lake Erie grape belt, average yield increases due to irrigation on establishment and growing of Niagara grapes were 2.8 ton per production year per acre, resulting in a break-even investment of approximately $1,600 per acre The profitability analysis in this chapter, based on 2005 costs, shows that it will take an estimated $12,876 per acre to bring a vineyard up to full production in the fourth year.The vineyard would begin to yield $1,097 per acre in the eighth year, and the producer may be able to break even by the eighth year production history. However, experimental observation and data indicate that mature Autumn King will yield 700-800 10 kg (22 lb.) boxes per acre for head-trained, cane-pruned vines grown on a gable system. Initial cluster counts during the spring ranged from 50-80 per vine and crop load may need to be adjusted by thinning to about 4 exceeds 100 hours per acre per year. A large part of that requirement is manual labor for pruning and harvesting. Market. Wine and grape production requires specific cultivars, so the market should be evaluated for demand. Developing a Marketing Plan 1. Identify target market(s) Table or dessert grapes (consumed fresh

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As the yield per vine increased with the increase in number of bunches, the yield per acre was also increased. The yield per acre was more in grafted vines than in own rooted vines. Maximum yield of 11.380 tone/acre was recorded than 7.481 tone in own rooted vines ( Table 3 ) some of these in the context of water. A key measure of agricultural production is the economic productivity of water use - the economic value produced per unit of water applied to the crop. Figure 4 shows the gross revenue (as measured by total farm gate value) for crop production in California per acre-foot of water between 2000 and 2010

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• Planted 605 vines per acre (8'x9' spacing). • At full production estimated Yield: 7lbs per vine. • 4,235lbs of Reliance table grapes per acre. • 4,000lbs of marketable grapes per acre. • Grapes sold in 1lb bags at $3.00 • Estimated Gross Income per acre: $12,000 He said a 45-gallon per ton of olive oil is a good average a grower can expect to yield from the varieties grown on the Oroville farm. Growers can expect to gross $1,800 to $2,400 per acre, said Greene. Cost of production, according to the UC Cooperative Extension, is about $2,400 per acre, although Greene believes the UC cost study is. Line Post per Row Dollars per Acre Line @ 21 ft Line @ 24 ft Line @ 28 ft Trellis Materials Cost per Acre Rows 9 ft apart w/ 2 wires As row length increases, the cost of trellis materials per acre goes down because fewer end posts, anchors, strainers, etc. are needed. The amount of high-tensile wire required per acre type of grape production system in the regions of interest. This group included ­ ­ ers. This budget validation process Elements of Savings in Cultural Costs per Acre Total Area, 2011 Maximum Aggregate Labor Benefit Fuel, Lube, and Repair Materials Total Table 2. Saving in Costs per Acre and per Region from Adopting PM-Resistant Vine Figure 1 shows that the yield and price levels for 5 tons per acre and $617 per ton were sufficient to cover variable costs, but not to cover total costs. Excluding harvest costs, estimated total cost break-even points included a yield of 52/3 tons per acre with the price held constant at $617 per ton, or a price of $695 per ton with the yield held constant at 5 tons per acre

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